Thursday, July 28, 2016

Our third princess, Cahaya Camelia

 Introducing our 3rd princess, Cahaya Camelia,
born 16th May 2016, 8.30am weighing 3.45 kg via c-sect.

This is my third baby via c-sect. I probably need to blog in a separate post of why all my three kids are via c-sect.

Anyway, here's the precious moment, our very first photo with our newborn, few seconds after she was born. Welcome sayang :)

Money shot. One of a life time memories.

In the operation theater. Photo taken by hubby using Theta 360 camera.

Cahaya Camelia, Day 5. Before we left the hospital.

Few days after sucking my milk :) 

1  month old 

2 months old.

I can't believe that I have to leave you soon. Maternity leave is over :(

Guilt Free Pancake

Guilt free pancake, low carb dan sesuai untuk mereka yang ingin kurangkan intake carbo dan yang berdiet Atkins. Resipi ni saya dapat dari kawan saya. Thanks to Wanie :)

1. Telur x 1 biji (cukup untuk seorang makan)
2. Cream cheese (pakai separuh)
3. Serbuk cinnamon *optional
4. Kalau nak perasa chocolate, tambahlah Unsweetened Cocoa Powder *optional

1. Blend kesemua bahan tersebut. 
2. Masak gunakan non stick pan/ olive oil/ butter (saya takde non stick pan, jadi saya pakai butter)

Bila saya dah malas, saya gunakan muffin tray dan pakai adunan yang sama. 
Jadi la MUFFIN hehe.

Ni dia breakfast muffin. Yang ni saya letak unsweetened cocoa powder. Untuk bagi dia tak melekat, saya gunakan canola oil spray.

Anak-anak pun suka. 

Selamat mencuba!

Resipi: Cauliflower Shrimp Pizza

Selepas mencuba Cauliflower Beef Pepperoni Pizza, saya nak cuba topping lain dan buat crust yang lagi nipis sebab lagi rangup. 

Bahan-bahan Cauliflower Pizza (dough):
1. Cauliflower (kali ni saya pakai sebiji yang saiz besar)
2. Parmesan cheese (beli di kedai bakeri lebih murah)
3. Telur x 1 biji
4. Parchment paper. Wajib. (supaya dough pizza tidak melekat)

Bahan-bahan topping "Shrimp Pizza"
1. Udang (dibuang kulit)
2. Bawang putih (dicincang halus)
3. Butter
4. Serbuk cili/ chili powder/ chili flakes
5. Serbuk lada hitam
6. Garam 

(Tumis olive oil dengan bawang putih, kemudian masukkan butter, serbuk cili, chilli flakes, serbuk lada hitam dan sedikit garam. Bila bau naik, masukkan pula udang. Udang separuh masak sahaja sebab lepas ni nak bake di oven pula)

7. Topping dia saya letak:
- Tomato Sauce
- Udang yang dah dimasak tadi
-Bawang besar
- Capsicum hijau
- Daun bawang
- Mozarella cheese
- Mayonaise kewpie (letak sedikit atas mozarella cheese) * Optional

Pada suhu 200, bakar dulu dough cauliflower tersebut di oven. Yang ini saya buat nipis tapi sebab dia besar, so saya bakar dalam 40 minit. Kalau nak lagi garing boleh la tambah masa. 

TIPS: Bahagian luar/kerak, dough lebih tebal supaya tak terbakar/hangus sebab bahagian dalam lambat masak, 

Dough cauliflower yang dah siap dibakar.

Letakkan tomato sauce. Saya pakai separuh tin.

Taburkan udang yang telah dimasak tadi.

Taburkan kesemua bahan topping yang lain. Ikut pada kreativiti masing-masing.

Taburkan mozarella cheese. Saya tambahkan sedikit mayonaise Kewpie.

Kita bakor dia! Bakar di oven pada suhu 250, masa ikotlah sampai nak garing/masak macamana. Hehe. Saya buat 40 min.

Tadaa ! Siap! Thin crust pizza! memang garing habis sebab husband suka garing-garing

Selamat mencuba!

Resipi: Cauliflower Beef Pepperoni Pizza

Since ramai yang request saya untuk share resipi Pizza Cauliflower. Here you go!

Cauliflower Crust Pizza (mengantikan dough tepung) sesuai untuk diet atkins serta diet low carbo intake. Makan lah banyak mana pun dan tak perlu risau pasal berat badan. Hehe. Bahan utama ialah Cauliflower (Bunga Kobis). Topping terpulang pada masing-masing.

Bahan-bahan Cauliflower Pizza Crust:

1. Cauliflower (utk size personal pizza, separuh cauliflower kecil sudah memadai)
2. Telur x 1 biji
3. Parmesan cheese (shredded/powder)
4. Parchment paper. Wajib. (supaya dough pizza tidak melekat)

1. Basuh dan tos cauliflower
2. Potong kecil dan blend sehingga hancur

 3. Setelah diblend, saya masak di frying pan untuk keringkan cauliflower supaya tiada air/moist untuk kita jadikan dough pizza tersebut. Masak agak-agak cauliflower tu tak berair. Tak perlu pakai minyak ye.

4. Bahan untuk diuli bersama cauliflower ialah parmesan cheese & telur.
Sebiji telur dah memadai supaya dough tak terlalu basah. Parmesan cheese pula bertujuan untuk 'hold' cauliflower supaya jadi dough yang cantik. Kuantiti parmesan tu biar elok untuk pegang dough tu. Saya gunakan satu paket. 

5. Lenyekkan dan buat shape bulat (siapa yang ada pizza pan boleh juga pakai). Kalau tak agak-agak la bagi jadi shape bulat. 

6. Tips: Bahagian luar/kerak biar tebal sebab kalau nipis nanti bahagian tersebut akan cepat terbakar/hangus. Bahagian dalam/ tengah lambat skit nak masak. Bahagian dalam/ tengah ikut pada masing-masing,  jika anda suka dough tebal (tapi akan ada rasa cauliflower yang pekat). Saya buat sederhana sahaja. Kalau nipis jadi la thin crust pizza dan ranggup :)

7. Bakar pada suhu 200 selama 30 minit. Terpulang, jika mahu lagi garing, bakar lagi lama. 

8. Dah siap dah cauliflower pizza crust kita.

9. Topping terpulang pada masing-masing. Letakkan topping lepas tu bakar lagi di oven. Suhu 200 dan masa terpulang. Saya buat dalam 40 minit. Nak bagi beef slices and cheese melt.

10. Siap!

Bahan-bahan untuk "Beef Pepperoni"
1. Base: Gunakan Tomato Sauce (saya beli yg Preggo Traditional Tomato & Garlic)
2. Taburkan bawang putih (dicincang halus), beef slices (saya pakai brand Gourmessa sebab carbo dia cuma 3-4g sahaja), mozzarella cheese dan akhir sekali saya letak sedikit BBQ sauce.

Selamat mencuba!

Spare part for the rice cooker

It's been years since I last used this rice cooker as the inner pot was damaged (due to cleaning with the metal sponge). Decided to look out for the inner pot as I wanted to use 2 rice cooker at a time. 1 for hubby and 1 for cooking porridge for the kids.

Hardly see any rice cooker spare part at the supermarket. So I decided to snap the photos and get in touch with the manufacturer, trying my luck if they sell the inner pot separately for that particular model.

Getting the right details

I sent a message through Facebook Khind Malaysia. 

Quite happy with their response time. In 2 hours, their Customer Service team actually called and informed me that I could purchase the inner pot for RM15 only. 

I am quite impressed as they handle inquiry pretty well.
Since their office quite a distance from my place, I decided to purchase it and get them to courier it to me. How convenient things are nowadays.

I get this fixed and save my money from buying another rice cooker. Always check with the manufacturer if they have any replacement/ loose spare part for you to purchase. 

I remembered I used to ask for a coffee machine spare parts (the glass container but they didn't have the extra parts and I will need to purchase the new set-which is happened to be a lucky draw prizes but ended up not using as we can't use the glass container (was cracked probably when the items was transported from one place to another).

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Should you visit a new mom?

Had an interesting chat with my friends on visiting a new mom and decided to share my thoughts with everyone.

I had received number of visitors at home (everyone was excited as it was the first grandchild in the family and among the first baby in my circle of friends- It was my first baby). 

I remembered that I didn't sleep for 24 hours as visitors kept coming. Visitors came during the day and ideally I should be resting at night (wait a minute, rest at night? It's almost impossible with newborn around). Didn't anyone warn you about the "night shift"?

Perhaps, this illustration would best describe my situation/ feeling at that point.
I guess, all MOTHERS are actually MOMBIE.

Of course I did appreciate those who came to visit (thank you everyone for the lovely gifts and wishes). Coming to second and third child, (to be frank) the excitement to receive visitors became less exciting (on a another note, I do not intend to offend anyone. Priority changes over time). Every second of baby sleeping time is fully occupied with pumping schedule, rushing to eat and bath and sleep/rest time for the mom too.

Here's some real life scenario of a new mom,
(apart posting of newborn cute photos and how adorable they are and you just wish you have a baby too because they look so cute and you wanna eat them "geget dia comel sangat")

1. Arrived home after few days stay in the hospital
unpack the hospital bag, adjusting new routine/schedule with newborn (for first time mom, they will have to observe and try to understand signals from their newborn ie. when to change diapers (did he poop? color/texture?, when to feed them (shall I wait for baby to cry first) and etc. Those with elder kids around (your kids will surely asking for attention after you being away from home for few days), checking the medicine that the doctor gave you when you discharged from hospital.

2. Breastfeeding
 I prefer to breastfeed my baby with no one watching my boobs ( I have nursing cover but it gets awkward/ uncomfortable when guests are around and wanting to hold and kiss your baby ("Bila nak habis menetek niii? Orang nak ambil gambar dengan baby"). You gotta rush and sometimes had to pause breastfeeding to actually accommodate them. While new mom should be left alone and adjusting herself to master the art of breastfeeding.

3. Night shift- The sleep deprivation 
Newborns didn't usually have a sleep routine.

Welcome to Motherhood. Mombie Club! 
New members will get a complimentary "panda eyes"
after battling during delivery with pain on ***/ c-sect scar, new mom didn't get a good rest and now on 24 hours "on call duty" . To be honest, it is a really tiring period. I wish we mothers could skip this part and "pantang blues". Of course husband would be around to help but men doesn't have boobs ;p Baby demand for boobs!

4. "Entering Personal Space"
New mom during confinement period will normally stay in a room. 
Say if the room on 1st floor (mom needs to get up and down whenever visitors came or visitors will need to enter their bedroom (and eventually see all the mess). New mom should get plenty of rest and should minimise their movement (especially c-sect moms). 

Considering some home do not have huge common area/ living room. No lift.

5. Preparing for "Guest is coming!"
Is the room/ house is clean / in order to receive a guest?
What do we have in the kitchen to serve our guest? Drinks? Any food?

Some new mom stays at their mother/in law's home may not need to worry about this but for new mom who stays on their own will probably be worried. Again, this is unnecessary things to worry while they have so many things to worry on (is my milk production enough for my baby? Should I express my milk every 2 hours? etc etc)

6. Hygiene/ Precautions for Baby
Did he/she wash her hands before holding, kissing my baby? 
Err, you just recovered from fever/ chicken pox few days ago?
Virus? What virus?
(There's number of cases of new born got affected with viruses, so mom be careful)

For all the scenarios I shared, do you think we should visit a new mom?
Should we change the way we do things? 

I understand that we should celebrate and be happy about it, especially to announce the arrival of the newborn but little things could matters and we should allow new mom to get as much rest as they can as "pantang period" is the crucial period for mom to recover and rest. 

(Note: I do not intend to ban visitors or say DO NOT VISIT NEW MOM but hey, you can always visit them anytime whenever both mom and baby is fully recovered, in good state)

Care to share your thoughts?

Ops Kutu 1.0

I really didn't see this coming and didn't prepare for this.
One thing that parents should be prepared for especially when your kids are at nursery/ school.


K-U-T-U ! Yes , kutu!

You know you are in trouble and panic mode when your kids are affected with "kutu" (lice)
In case you have forgotten how does lice looks like, here you go!
Photo taken from

We discovered that Dhia was affected with "kutu" (apparently this is quite common especially when your kids are at school- another stage for us parents to worry about, sigh) when she kept scratching her head (yes, she has eczema but that's not the usual eczema spot). 

I know some parents did check their child's body on daily basis. I wish I can but I can't afford the time to do so. On another note, a friend of mine actually prepared for this and every time after school time, she checked on her daughter for lice, any scratches/ wound/ other unusual marks/symptoms. Welcome to parenthood! 

I immediately texted her school teacher and asked if anyone in the school was affected with lice. Teacher replied yes. I didn't make a big deal out of it as it is common (hey, I used to have kutus too when I was a kid). 

Focusing on what's next? 
We then bought this at the pharmacy. It comes with the comb as well. 

Note: Shower cap is not included ya. 
I kept a lot of hotel's shower cap. Shhh! (You never know when you need them)

Wait, before that, let's bring back some memories.
I am pretty sure you have seen this (say yes especially when you used to have kutus!)

Sikat kutu! hehehe.
Photo credit to

So, OPS KUTU 1.0 ! 

We applied the lice clear (it's oily and in liquid form)
Let it rest for 15 mins before shampooing/ rinse with water.

Meet our hero, who made everything possible.
(Operasi kutu in progress)

Reapply for 3 consecutive days and check if hair is lice free.

Our little one was affected too (got it from her sister) but we only applied extra virgin olive oil on her head (lice clear liquid is not recommended for child age 2 and below). Why olive oil? We google and it says so. Haha. (Don't lie, you would do the same and google too ;p )

It works! 
Goodbye Ms. & Mrs. Lice!
( I don't wanna see you or meet you)