Monday, July 28, 2008

Hard Skin on your ankle, ends of toes & elbows?

I used to avoid wearing skirts because of the dark hard skins on my ankle. It doesn't look good whenever I wear something that reveal my legs. And I found this at Guardian, Alamanda when I was looking for a footcare products .

I used it regularly after bath; it has a coarse side to get rid of hard skin and a smooth side to smooth out remaining roughness.Afterwards use a moisturising foot cream on your feet (you can even use your body lotion) and see the difference,it works for me! ( I used it regularly for 2 months; after bath when feet are dry and clean).

And yeah, the result: one of the reason why Im so in love with dresses now . Yeppie!
* Its always worth trying.

Scholl Contoured Hard Skin File is ideal for smoothing away rough, hard skin in smaller, harder to reach areas like toes. It’s also ideal for use on hands, knees and elbows.

Indications: rough skin, hard skin, corns, calluses

Pack contains 1 file

Washing Instructions: Wash the file with warm water and leave to dry naturally
Ensure feet are clean and dry. Use the inside curve for heels, ends of toes and elbows. The outside of the curve is specially designed to remove hard skin on the ball of the foot. For best results finish by massaging with Scholl Deep Moisturisng Cream.
Keep out of reach of children.
Stop using if skin becomes sore or inflamed. People suffering from diabetes or poor blood circulation are recommended to seek medical advice before using this product. Do not use on broken or irritated skin.
Price: RM12.90 @ Guardian.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fake Eyelash, Pre-glued Eyelash & Fiberwig Paint On Lashes Mascara

1. False Eyelash

Normal False Eyelash, apply using glue (usually come along when you purchase it)
+: traditional way, good for professional-: take some time to make sure the eyelash glue at the right place.

Tips: You can get false eyelash at Sinma, Sasa, Shins
( at reasonable price, range from Rm9.90 - Rm 20.00).

2. Pre-glued False Eyelash

: Come with adhesive strand, you can always get extra refill of adhesive strand. Easy! Better than normal false eyelash of course!

- : Need some practice to get used to apply adhesive strand nicely to your eyes.
Recommended: One-Touch and Go, you can get it at Shins for Rm18.80

3. Fiber Wig !!!

Ive tried this, The best! and its easy to use as it is applied like normal mascara but give good result.
You can get this Dejavu Fiberwig ( Paint on False Lashes ) Rm59.00 @ SASA.

Description: New formula with afiber &ßfiber which stick to every lash tightly. Compare with other mascaras, this mascara contains twice of the amount of fibre. With the help of these tightly attached fibres, your lashes could be lengthen in a long lasting effect. Special brush keep your eyelash to become perfectly curled with increase in volume. Moreover, the unique extra thin fibre coat keep any sweat or sebum away from your lashes, as a result, mascara will not melt, cogged or Could also be removed easily by makeup removers.

Perfect mascara for your party after work. If you experienced the reapplication other mascara after a whole day and form clumps or globs easily, you should try this mascara. Reapplication of every single layer of this mascara would only lengthen and curl your eyelash without clumps or globs, gives you a perfect makeup.

Color: Pure Black & Brown

How to use it: Only apply one layer is not enough to get the best result, you must apply a few layers when the previous layer is dried thoroughly.

Country of origin: Japan

and yeah... make your choice!

Meoow, Cat Whiskers

Cat Whiskers, here i come! Meowww

Cats Thick Strap Dress With Button Details- Rm 65.00 (before 20% off)

One is not enough,
Cats V Neck Chiffon Dress- Rm 75.00 (before 20% off)

Thanks Naz for the dresses!

and yeah, handbag from Flea Market @ The Curve


Reasonable, Two Strap (adjustable long strap & normal strap), Chain at front detail to adjust the bag, in trend!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Harmony in Bloom, Sushi Groove, Unplanned Purchase

Harmony In Bloom@ Sunway Pyramid.

The piano.

Indian Culture- Sita.


Our turn, yeah!

Arome! with her Starbucks.

Arome left early and I end up snap my own pic

Sushi Groove
We both craving for Japanese food and we went to Sushi Grove. Its quite a good spot for couple to dine in too cause the cozy surrounding and yeah its nice. Sushi groove available in Sunway Pyramid and One Utama.
I ate Tempura with rice and I couldn't finish it. We are expecting small servings(looking at the pics in the menu) and ahaaa, here it is!

Its RM15.90. Affordable & its worth.
*Blur pic=Arome's hand is shaking as she is veryyyy hungry and cant resist the Tempura I ordered "
Arome: I should have order Tempura like yours.
Fyz: Yay, I made a right decision!

The Dress- The Unplanned Purchase

I bought a dress. Here how it looks like. And with lining inside.

Arome said that its not worth buying the dress for Rm125.

Somehow, I really like it because:
1. I really fall in love with its color and I don't have this color in my wardrobe.
2. the details at the front part.
3. It enhance certain part, making fleshy arm not so obvious and it hide the curvy hips.

I couldn't resist the temptation of it and yeah, I bought it. Pretending its not Rm125.

Burn 355kcal per hour?

Went to Sunway Pyramid with Arome. Then i look for SHINS in Sunway Pyramid to buy a

And when I want to make payment, the sales girl offer me thisSomehow, the packaging, makes me wonder. Why piggie?
At first glance, i couldn't figure that it is a slimming pants. It looks like "Say No to Pig" but then the words, Lets Diet attracted me.

And here how it goes:

Sales girl: You mau try ini kurus punya product from Japan tak?
Me & Arome: Apa ni?
Sales girl: Ini, bila you pakai, bole burn 355kcal in 1 hour you boleh kurus ma..You boleh pilih mau yang panjang or pendek, untuk your belakang, kaki or tangan.
Arome: Ohh, I ada baca a product from Japan yang bole burn calory and it contains (... * forgot the scientific
Sales girl: Ini banyak bagus.
Arome: Ini disposable ke? Harga brapa?
Sales girl: Ini you boleh pakai banyak kali la. U boleh basuh.

* And i look at the product packaging, The picture of having small butt and flat abs, it looks so appealing to me.

Arome: Hmm, boleh la try yang ni.
Me: Hmm, why not. Boleh kurus . Perut takde lemak & smaller butt.
Me&Arome: Ok, bill.

And yeah, I purchased fake eyelash
and this slimming pants
. Unintentionally buying .Haha.

And I search about this product online as the product packaging is written in Japan. I wanted to look for more details
of the product as there is not much of information from the sales girl. Unfortunately, is also in Japanese. I will keep on searching for the product details. Anyone able to translate Japanese ??
I guess I've to wait for few months to see the result. Haha.My interpretation from the packaging, The product seems to be promising. *Hoping it will lead good result*

I Don't Steal !

Last Saturday i went to What Women Want ( W3) in Subang Parade.
And I bought this design,

its 70% off and yeah, it cost me only for Rm23.97. Cheap isn't?

I was happy cause for me its worth it. When i left the shop, the sensor thingie make noise. I just smiled at them and they smile back at me as I've already paid for it. And so i headed to another shop and their alarm make noise too! And so I left the shop, and the sensor make noise again. At that time, I couldn't think why the sensor thingie make noise whenever I came in and when i left the shop.

And when I got home and wanted to try the dress, Guess what? They forgot to remove the anti theft gadget from the dress. I just noticed when I reached Cyberjaya. No wonder the sensor make lotsa noise! So, I emailed them and tell about it. They asked me to come to the store to remove the anti theft gadget.

And some of my friends advice me to just hit the magnet thingie with a hammer, I was thinking to just cut out the inner lining where the anti theft gadget is attached to. And when I browse online, hoping to get some idea on how to remove the gadget from the clothes instead of going back to the mall, I wasn't the one who had this problem!

And some options to remove anti theft gadget:
a. pull the pin out with a couple of pairs of pliers or
b. get a screwdriver inside and pry the pin off and you will made a little hole in the shirt or
c. using a magnet or
d. take it back to the store and have them do it

And so I decide to choose D !

As it is their fault and it cost me time & money to travel back to their store in Subang, I received this in returnComplimentary shopping bag & a free membership card.* Membership card entitle for purchase of RM150 and above. I bought it for Rm23.97
* Shopping bag cost below RM10 I guess.

Yeah, good Customer Relationship Management ( CRM) ! Thanks Little Black Book!