Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fake Eyelash, Pre-glued Eyelash & Fiberwig Paint On Lashes Mascara

1. False Eyelash

Normal False Eyelash, apply using glue (usually come along when you purchase it)
+: traditional way, good for professional-: take some time to make sure the eyelash glue at the right place.

Tips: You can get false eyelash at Sinma, Sasa, Shins
( at reasonable price, range from Rm9.90 - Rm 20.00).

2. Pre-glued False Eyelash

: Come with adhesive strand, you can always get extra refill of adhesive strand. Easy! Better than normal false eyelash of course!

- : Need some practice to get used to apply adhesive strand nicely to your eyes.
Recommended: One-Touch and Go, you can get it at Shins for Rm18.80

3. Fiber Wig !!!

Ive tried this, The best! and its easy to use as it is applied like normal mascara but give good result.
You can get this Dejavu Fiberwig ( Paint on False Lashes ) Rm59.00 @ SASA.

Description: New formula with afiber &ßfiber which stick to every lash tightly. Compare with other mascaras, this mascara contains twice of the amount of fibre. With the help of these tightly attached fibres, your lashes could be lengthen in a long lasting effect. Special brush keep your eyelash to become perfectly curled with increase in volume. Moreover, the unique extra thin fibre coat keep any sweat or sebum away from your lashes, as a result, mascara will not melt, cogged or Could also be removed easily by makeup removers.

Perfect mascara for your party after work. If you experienced the reapplication other mascara after a whole day and form clumps or globs easily, you should try this mascara. Reapplication of every single layer of this mascara would only lengthen and curl your eyelash without clumps or globs, gives you a perfect makeup.

Color: Pure Black & Brown

How to use it: Only apply one layer is not enough to get the best result, you must apply a few layers when the previous layer is dried thoroughly.

Country of origin: Japan

and yeah... make your choice!

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