Sunday, July 20, 2008

Harmony in Bloom, Sushi Groove, Unplanned Purchase

Harmony In Bloom@ Sunway Pyramid.

The piano.

Indian Culture- Sita.


Our turn, yeah!

Arome! with her Starbucks.

Arome left early and I end up snap my own pic

Sushi Groove
We both craving for Japanese food and we went to Sushi Grove. Its quite a good spot for couple to dine in too cause the cozy surrounding and yeah its nice. Sushi groove available in Sunway Pyramid and One Utama.
I ate Tempura with rice and I couldn't finish it. We are expecting small servings(looking at the pics in the menu) and ahaaa, here it is!

Its RM15.90. Affordable & its worth.
*Blur pic=Arome's hand is shaking as she is veryyyy hungry and cant resist the Tempura I ordered "
Arome: I should have order Tempura like yours.
Fyz: Yay, I made a right decision!

The Dress- The Unplanned Purchase

I bought a dress. Here how it looks like. And with lining inside.

Arome said that its not worth buying the dress for Rm125.

Somehow, I really like it because:
1. I really fall in love with its color and I don't have this color in my wardrobe.
2. the details at the front part.
3. It enhance certain part, making fleshy arm not so obvious and it hide the curvy hips.

I couldn't resist the temptation of it and yeah, I bought it. Pretending its not Rm125.

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