Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Don't Steal !

Last Saturday i went to What Women Want ( W3) in Subang Parade.
And I bought this design,

its 70% off and yeah, it cost me only for Rm23.97. Cheap isn't?

I was happy cause for me its worth it. When i left the shop, the sensor thingie make noise. I just smiled at them and they smile back at me as I've already paid for it. And so i headed to another shop and their alarm make noise too! And so I left the shop, and the sensor make noise again. At that time, I couldn't think why the sensor thingie make noise whenever I came in and when i left the shop.

And when I got home and wanted to try the dress, Guess what? They forgot to remove the anti theft gadget from the dress. I just noticed when I reached Cyberjaya. No wonder the sensor make lotsa noise! So, I emailed them and tell about it. They asked me to come to the store to remove the anti theft gadget.

And some of my friends advice me to just hit the magnet thingie with a hammer, I was thinking to just cut out the inner lining where the anti theft gadget is attached to. And when I browse online, hoping to get some idea on how to remove the gadget from the clothes instead of going back to the mall, I wasn't the one who had this problem!

And some options to remove anti theft gadget:
a. pull the pin out with a couple of pairs of pliers or
b. get a screwdriver inside and pry the pin off and you will made a little hole in the shirt or
c. using a magnet or
d. take it back to the store and have them do it

And so I decide to choose D !

As it is their fault and it cost me time & money to travel back to their store in Subang, I received this in returnComplimentary shopping bag & a free membership card.* Membership card entitle for purchase of RM150 and above. I bought it for Rm23.97
* Shopping bag cost below RM10 I guess.

Yeah, good Customer Relationship Management ( CRM) ! Thanks Little Black Book!

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