Sunday, July 20, 2008

Burn 355kcal per hour?

Went to Sunway Pyramid with Arome. Then i look for SHINS in Sunway Pyramid to buy a

And when I want to make payment, the sales girl offer me thisSomehow, the packaging, makes me wonder. Why piggie?
At first glance, i couldn't figure that it is a slimming pants. It looks like "Say No to Pig" but then the words, Lets Diet attracted me.

And here how it goes:

Sales girl: You mau try ini kurus punya product from Japan tak?
Me & Arome: Apa ni?
Sales girl: Ini, bila you pakai, bole burn 355kcal in 1 hour you boleh kurus ma..You boleh pilih mau yang panjang or pendek, untuk your belakang, kaki or tangan.
Arome: Ohh, I ada baca a product from Japan yang bole burn calory and it contains (... * forgot the scientific
Sales girl: Ini banyak bagus.
Arome: Ini disposable ke? Harga brapa?
Sales girl: Ini you boleh pakai banyak kali la. U boleh basuh.

* And i look at the product packaging, The picture of having small butt and flat abs, it looks so appealing to me.

Arome: Hmm, boleh la try yang ni.
Me: Hmm, why not. Boleh kurus . Perut takde lemak & smaller butt.
Me&Arome: Ok, bill.

And yeah, I purchased fake eyelash
and this slimming pants
. Unintentionally buying .Haha.

And I search about this product online as the product packaging is written in Japan. I wanted to look for more details
of the product as there is not much of information from the sales girl. Unfortunately, is also in Japanese. I will keep on searching for the product details. Anyone able to translate Japanese ??
I guess I've to wait for few months to see the result. Haha.My interpretation from the packaging, The product seems to be promising. *Hoping it will lead good result*


arome said...

Disposable babe, not 'disposal' XDDD

Hhhuuuu, want your tempura prawn~

arome said...

Oh, I'm pretty sure the website says the textures on the material increase the calorie you burn by twice compared to kalau jalan2 tak pakai the thing. Haha, tanyala dak2 dok Japan tu, Tengku or your Zada or somebody, lol

F. Hilda said...

haaa, good idea tuh! ill ask zada or tengku. hehe