Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bacaan Tersirat Semasa Mengambil Wuduk

** Sedikit untuk dikongsi bersama. Selamat beramal! **

Bacaan tersirat semasa mengambil wuduk

1) Membasuh muka“Ya Allah, Ya Tuhanku, serikanlah mukaku hingga ke hari akhirat”

2) Membasuh tanganTangan Kanan- “ Ya Allah, Ya Tuhanku, datangkanlah suratanku dengan tangan kanan”
Tangan Kiri-“ Ya Allah, Ya Tuhanku, jangan datangkan suratanku dengan tangan kiri”

3) Membersih sedikit atas kepala

“ Ya Allah, Ya Tuhanku, datangkanlah rahmat ke atas diriku”

4) Membasuh kedua telinga.

Telinga Kanan- “Ya Allah, Ya Tuhanku, datangkanlah pendengaranku dengan pendengaran yang baik baik”
Telinga Kiri- “Ya Allah, Ya Tuhanku, jangan datangkan pendengaranku dengan pendengaran yang tidak baik”

5) Membasuh belakang tengkuk.
“Ya Allah, Ya Tuhanku, jauhkanlah aku dari belenggu neraka”

6) Membasuh Kaki
Kaki Kanan- “Ya Allah, Ya Tuhanku, tetapkanlah kakiku semasa aku meniti siratulmustakim”
Kaki Kiri- “Ya Allah, Ya Tuhanku, jangan tergelincir hendaknya ketika aku meniti titian siratulmustakim”.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Calling all Photography Lovers! Win Rm25,000

The Sunway Group of companies have launched what is probably the mother of all Photography Contests in Malaysia. Prizes are extremely attractive with total value exceeding RM140,000. The theme of the contest is "Sunway Memories"

Click the link below to go to their website for all the juicy details.

I have been working very closely with the Sunway Group to ensure the rules of the contest are fair to photographers, which is why the PhotoMalaysia Logo appears exclusively on their posters which are plastered all over KL. In fact the panel of judges will also include representatives from PhotoMalaysia as well.

The prizes are as follows:

Grand 1st Prize : RM 25,000, 1st Runner-Up Prize RM 10,000; 2nd Runner-Up Prize RM 5,000

10 Merit Prizes of a 42inch Full HD LCD TV each

100 Consolation Prizes of a RM300 Cash Voucher each

Submission Date : 1st Sept - 30 Nov 2008

Submission Period : 3 months

Registration Starts : 1st August 2008

The contest is open to all Malaysians and Foreign visitors to Sunway. All staff of Sunway Group are also eligible to participate, except for Members of the organizing committee and their immediate family members.

All photographs entered must be taken within the following locations:

1. Sunway Lagoon Resort
2. Menara Sunway
3. Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa
4. Sunway Pyramid
5. Sunway Lagoon Theme Park
6. Sunway University College
7. Sunway Medical Centre
8. Sunway Lagoon Club
9. Sunway Lost World of Tambun
10. Sunway Carnival Mall
11. Sunway Hotel, Seberang Jaya
12. Sunway Hotel, George Town
13. Sunway Hotel Phnom Penh
14. Sunway Hotel Hanoi
15. Monash University Sunway Campus

How To Enter

1. Participants must register themselves as Sunway World Club member via Registration is Free
2. Login online to submit photographs.

For more info, please log in to

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Me in Long Curly Hair?

Photoshoot with Rusdi (, Neo Studio @ Platinum Walk.

4pm in the car with Naz, having our drive thru Mc D lunch and rush to Neo Studio.

Rusdi was busy setting up the studio light, and yeah, I snap my own pic. Yeah, the long curl hair that mom bought for me, from Sg Wang, Rm100.

Wrap! Prepare to go home! After 2 hours shoot. Candid by Naz.
Before leaving the studio, with Elle

And yeah, group photo! From left: Rusdi the photographer, Naz, Elle, Me & Seig.

One more!
This one is better; Rusdi looking fairer, Naz striking a pose! and everyone seem perfect but I closed my eyes! Ergh!

Wonder how the photoshoot went? Here's the unedited picture
Yeah , Lollypop! From Famous Amos, RM50.

Another shot,

And yeah, edited photo from RusdiThanks Rusdi for the great pics!
More pics from the shoot will be uploaded soon =)