Sunday, August 3, 2008

Me in Long Curly Hair?

Photoshoot with Rusdi (, Neo Studio @ Platinum Walk.

4pm in the car with Naz, having our drive thru Mc D lunch and rush to Neo Studio.

Rusdi was busy setting up the studio light, and yeah, I snap my own pic. Yeah, the long curl hair that mom bought for me, from Sg Wang, Rm100.

Wrap! Prepare to go home! After 2 hours shoot. Candid by Naz.
Before leaving the studio, with Elle

And yeah, group photo! From left: Rusdi the photographer, Naz, Elle, Me & Seig.

One more!
This one is better; Rusdi looking fairer, Naz striking a pose! and everyone seem perfect but I closed my eyes! Ergh!

Wonder how the photoshoot went? Here's the unedited picture
Yeah , Lollypop! From Famous Amos, RM50.

Another shot,

And yeah, edited photo from RusdiThanks Rusdi for the great pics!
More pics from the shoot will be uploaded soon =)

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