Monday, October 20, 2008

RM28only for 90mins Herbal Facial Spa, Foot Bath, Aroma Therapy & Fish Spa!

Remember this?Well, I give myself a try and I bring Iqa with me.

The Beauty Salon.

Our facial record and let them look at our skin,

While waiting, they served us green tea and hot towel

The journey begins...

Firstly, we did the Foot Bath

After the foot bath, we did the Aroma therapy before we proceed for facialThe facial area, with sub rooms. We had our 90mins Herbal Facial Spa here,
Yeah, my first facial ever. Unfortunately, I couldn't take much pic. The facial comes with head, shoulder and hand massage.
Lucky huh if you are a guy to get this kind of treatment. O yeah, its open for guys also!

Once the treatment is over, they served us ginger drink. And another round of aroma therapy.

Aite, next we proceed to Fish Spa!

Enjoying the moments..The max time is 10mins but I guess we spent 30mins here.
VIP treatment for neighbour maybe?eheh

Then, we did some consultation with the Beautician while they served us with the 3rd time- green tea.

Before we end up our session, this is the 4th time we had our drink here.
After 3hours sessions.
We are satisfied with the facial and service. *happy*
And we planned for a second trip and bringing first trial friends & family to enjoy the RM28 promotion price.
The normal Herbal Facial Spa is Rm79.00 and complimentary of Foot Bath, Fish Reflexology, Aroma Therapy & Massage.
( your second trip would be charged Rm79 and yes it comes with complimentary services)
Who would give you this reasonable price to have all this? The price for the Fish Spa itself in Pavilion cost you rm80.

Before we left, we went to the Hair Salon and book a slot for

Wanna join us?

Beauty Square @ Kota Kemuning

Invitation from Mr. Low, our neighbour to his Beauty Square launching.

The Beauty Square located in Kota Kemuning.
Its a factory area but its renovated totally like a home!

The place, the crowd, the food stalls.
There is live band and a booth for games where you can collect the stamp and participate in the lucky draw.

The lucky draw prizes

Goody bag, yeah!

1- Dad with Mr. Low (Beauty Square CEO), the neighbour
2 & 3- We striking a pose. hehe
Then, I visited the Pepito Hair Saloon, fill in the customer registration form and got myself a lucky draw. Wishing for no 6, please!
Ohhhh..not lucky enough *sigh*
I got no 1 which entitle me for Free hair wash voucher.

And then, the offer me this,

Hey, this is not bad huh?
RM28 for wash, cut, treatment and blow!
(normal is rm138)
Means I got myself a free hair wash and also a RM28 package.
* Only applicable for first trial, 19oct til 19nov only.
I straight away set the appointment and Im bringing few friends to enjoy this RM28 promotion. Anyone?

Then, I visit the Beauty Saloon, The Foot Bath area,

And yeah,
Another promotion!
Rm28 for foot bath, fish spa, aroma theraphy, 90 herbal facial spa, hand massage.
And again, I booked an appointment. Too hard too resist the offer *smiling*

After that, I went to the
I was told by Mr Low that there’s Nasi Dagang and Nasi Kerabu served at the cafĂ©.
A must try!

I did some tour at the beauty square building,
1- Ceo’s room
The print area
3 & 4- The workstation
Conference Room.
Can you see those ropes hanging at the wall?
It is used as sound proof.
And another way of using white board in the meeting room,

1- The Yoga Studio
2-Me & my sis trying the yoga. Haha
A portrait of Mr & Mrs Low
“Always with our upmost sincerity and the best effort, to complete everything we do, and never anticipate any returns… Nature will always reward us with handsome rewards”.
The Silent RoomIts like a cubical room where you can usually find at the Japanese restaurant, the whole room with all bed area (can fit 20 people to sleep together) where you can rest and enjoy the aroma therapy.

Anyone wanna join me for Rm28 great deals?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I wanna be a STAR!

Look familiar?
I still keep this article, me @ front page "Si Kecil".
I was 10.

Liana? Yeah. I got few nicknames
Nana- my family call me this
Girl- My mom & dad; I was the only girl in the family till my mom got another girl (My sis)
Hilda-some prefer to call me Hilda
Liyana- nah, no one ever call me this. I don't want people to get confuse of "which Liyana?"

Fiz / Fizzy - my schoolmates call me this. Once, a teacher asked me "Kenapa nama awak Fizzi? Boyfriend awak nama Hafizi ye?"
Fyz- improved version of Fiz.haha. My lecturer called me "F-Y-Z" ( He thought its some kind of initial )

Fyz Hilda - so called commercial name. haha.

ill never forget this one, Filiyana - given by my chinese Mathematic teacher, Pn Soo Imm Ber

I wonder if i still can sing. Karaoke, definately yes. haha

Comic strip yang sepet. haha

My girl-band.
From left: Farah, me, Fina & Afy (Fatin).
Pic taken when we were 10
We used to perform for "Minggu Muzik" in school.
And yeah, we managed to be the first-runner-up.
Not bad huh?

Still together, all grown up.
From left: Farah, me & Fina.
Pic taken when we are 20.
*we lost contact with Afy, *sigh*

Girls, maybe we should do some 'comeback'? hihi

I miss you girls!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Spot the difference!

Take a look at this,
Did you notice?
I think the Sunway Lagoon's mascort lost his way.
What is he doing there?

Jaz said that he spotted 3 of the "itik sunway lagoon" in Bintang Walk area lasnite,
mecha_frog7 FROG: ya smlm i lalu bintang walk
mecha_frog7 FROG: i kira ada 3 itik sunway lagoon tu
Fyz hilda: eh seryes ke itik tu ada 3
mecha_frog7 FROG: yeah
mecha_frog7 FROG: i count last nite
mecha_frog7 FROG: kat dpn entrance
mecha_frog7 FROG: kat tepi taxi stand
mecha_frog7 FROG: then kat junction tu
mecha_frog7 FROG: mungkin ade lagi
Fyz hilda: yg i nye tu kt position mna?
mecha_frog7 FROG: u punya itik tu no3

So, start spotting for the "Itik Sunway Lagoon"!

if you were happen to be in that area.

Now, Lets zoom in,
Can you spot anything else?
my name and my majoring? haha.
Fiz, majoring in Media Innovation in Entrepreneurship.

Yeah, that is the reason of taking this picture.
Macam cool jer if boleh intern kat mediafiz. hehe.

21 Dresses. Now and Then.

Year 1996I wore this dress during my 9th Birthday Party.
Its my aunt's dress when she was 12, she's 33 now.


Year 2008 I still can fit this dress! (The skirts get shorter, of course)

Another shots,

Lets do some maths, age of the dress?
Its 21 years dress!
Its same as my age and it still look good, isn't?

Thanks Mr. Didi & friends for the picture!

oh wait, another dress,This is my mom's dress she wore on my dad's convocation @ University of Illinois.
I was 1 year at that time, so this piece is
2o years

*Better check your mom's wardrobe and see if there's any cool outfit =pP*

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Final Examination.

BSM3104 ( Strategic Management )

Format : 25 Mcq & Essay (Choose 5 out of 6)
*Mcq straigtforward.

-Management function in strategy
- 3 process of strategy management ( formulation, implementation, evaluation )
- Michael Porter 5 forces model
-Various Strategy in action
-Different between Strategy Formulation & Strategy Implementation
- SWOT analysis
- IFE, EFE (focus steps & calculation)
-Mission, Vision
-CPM Matrix
* Focus chap 5
* Focus on Essay question during quiz


BFN 2084 ( Personal Finance )

Format: Section A - 20 mcq (40m)
Section B- 3q (60m)

Cover: from Chapter 7 until EPF
*chapters covered for midterm wont be ask for final

For Sec B- Effective buying (decision), Investment, Insurance, Estate Planning (terminology)

*No calculation, all concept


BMK 2024 ( Consumer Behavior)
Cover: Chap 9- Chap 16

Format: 40 MCQ ( 40m)
Short Essay 8q, Anwers 6 only (60m)

*Chap 11 focus on class discussion

Dont forget to give example when you answer, so that u'll get full marks.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Salam Aidilfitri !

Currently, busy focusing on my final examination.
Hardly sit and walk due to backpain.
Will be back with updates and sequence of The Breakdown event.

Happy Eid!