Wednesday, October 15, 2008

21 Dresses. Now and Then.

Year 1996I wore this dress during my 9th Birthday Party.
Its my aunt's dress when she was 12, she's 33 now.


Year 2008 I still can fit this dress! (The skirts get shorter, of course)

Another shots,

Lets do some maths, age of the dress?
Its 21 years dress!
Its same as my age and it still look good, isn't?

Thanks Mr. Didi & friends for the picture!

oh wait, another dress,This is my mom's dress she wore on my dad's convocation @ University of Illinois.
I was 1 year at that time, so this piece is
2o years

*Better check your mom's wardrobe and see if there's any cool outfit =pP*

1 comment:

Scarlet Kiss said...

heart the lace.
and the fact that u can fit still! last time i try to fit into my old gown, it was tight around the chest. haihs.