Thursday, October 16, 2008

I wanna be a STAR!

Look familiar?
I still keep this article, me @ front page "Si Kecil".
I was 10.

Liana? Yeah. I got few nicknames
Nana- my family call me this
Girl- My mom & dad; I was the only girl in the family till my mom got another girl (My sis)
Hilda-some prefer to call me Hilda
Liyana- nah, no one ever call me this. I don't want people to get confuse of "which Liyana?"

Fiz / Fizzy - my schoolmates call me this. Once, a teacher asked me "Kenapa nama awak Fizzi? Boyfriend awak nama Hafizi ye?"
Fyz- improved version of Fiz.haha. My lecturer called me "F-Y-Z" ( He thought its some kind of initial )

Fyz Hilda - so called commercial name. haha.

ill never forget this one, Filiyana - given by my chinese Mathematic teacher, Pn Soo Imm Ber

I wonder if i still can sing. Karaoke, definately yes. haha

Comic strip yang sepet. haha

My girl-band.
From left: Farah, me, Fina & Afy (Fatin).
Pic taken when we were 10
We used to perform for "Minggu Muzik" in school.
And yeah, we managed to be the first-runner-up.
Not bad huh?

Still together, all grown up.
From left: Farah, me & Fina.
Pic taken when we are 20.
*we lost contact with Afy, *sigh*

Girls, maybe we should do some 'comeback'? hihi

I miss you girls!

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