Monday, October 20, 2008

RM28only for 90mins Herbal Facial Spa, Foot Bath, Aroma Therapy & Fish Spa!

Remember this?Well, I give myself a try and I bring Iqa with me.

The Beauty Salon.

Our facial record and let them look at our skin,

While waiting, they served us green tea and hot towel

The journey begins...

Firstly, we did the Foot Bath

After the foot bath, we did the Aroma therapy before we proceed for facialThe facial area, with sub rooms. We had our 90mins Herbal Facial Spa here,
Yeah, my first facial ever. Unfortunately, I couldn't take much pic. The facial comes with head, shoulder and hand massage.
Lucky huh if you are a guy to get this kind of treatment. O yeah, its open for guys also!

Once the treatment is over, they served us ginger drink. And another round of aroma therapy.

Aite, next we proceed to Fish Spa!

Enjoying the moments..The max time is 10mins but I guess we spent 30mins here.
VIP treatment for neighbour maybe?eheh

Then, we did some consultation with the Beautician while they served us with the 3rd time- green tea.

Before we end up our session, this is the 4th time we had our drink here.
After 3hours sessions.
We are satisfied with the facial and service. *happy*
And we planned for a second trip and bringing first trial friends & family to enjoy the RM28 promotion price.
The normal Herbal Facial Spa is Rm79.00 and complimentary of Foot Bath, Fish Reflexology, Aroma Therapy & Massage.
( your second trip would be charged Rm79 and yes it comes with complimentary services)
Who would give you this reasonable price to have all this? The price for the Fish Spa itself in Pavilion cost you rm80.

Before we left, we went to the Hair Salon and book a slot for

Wanna join us?

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