Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Spot the difference!

Take a look at this,
Did you notice?
I think the Sunway Lagoon's mascort lost his way.
What is he doing there?

Jaz said that he spotted 3 of the "itik sunway lagoon" in Bintang Walk area lasnite,
mecha_frog7 FROG: ya smlm i lalu bintang walk
mecha_frog7 FROG: i kira ada 3 itik sunway lagoon tu
Fyz hilda: eh seryes ke itik tu ada 3
mecha_frog7 FROG: yeah
mecha_frog7 FROG: i count last nite
mecha_frog7 FROG: kat dpn entrance
mecha_frog7 FROG: kat tepi taxi stand
mecha_frog7 FROG: then kat junction tu
mecha_frog7 FROG: mungkin ade lagi
Fyz hilda: yg i nye tu kt position mna?
mecha_frog7 FROG: u punya itik tu no3

So, start spotting for the "Itik Sunway Lagoon"!

if you were happen to be in that area.

Now, Lets zoom in,
Can you spot anything else?
my name and my majoring? haha.
Fiz, majoring in Media Innovation in Entrepreneurship.

Yeah, that is the reason of taking this picture.
Macam cool jer if boleh intern kat mediafiz. hehe.

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