Monday, November 10, 2008

Instant Mechanic!

12 noon .
Went for a casting and photoshoot near Bandar Utama with Elle.

First, we had our makeup and went thru the casting process

and the photoshoot turned to be good.

As we wanted to make our move from the car park in Bandar Utama,
something went wrong with the car. ( The clutch and the gear)
We got stuck at the car park, Elle managed to solve the prob.
Solutions: refill the oil tank for clutch & gear

And so we are happy. Suddenly after 5mins drive, Elle realized that she couldn't change to gear 1 and 2.
and aha, we got stuck and she gotta play with gear 3 and 4 only.
Meaning, we have to avoid red traffic light and traffic jam.

We manage to reach Puchong,
and its heavy traffic, peak time,
Bad news: our car got surrender in the middle of the heavy traffic jam.
The car was on the fast lane ( with the orange cone thingiee on both side of the single lane)
and again, we refill the oil!
It was like a drama. Everyone was looking at us, angrily! coz we caused the traffic to become worst!
Blablablaa.. after 20mins wait, we managed the prob and head our way to Cyber.

O o O. Red trafiic light at Cyberjaya near MDEC.
aha! Again, we had to stop our car.
And so we surrendered at Cyberjaya!

Elle refilling the oil

And me? holding a tissue for Elle to wipe her hands. haha.
Thats the best thing I could help since I know nothing about car =(

We are getting bored waiting for help, and we took pictures!and we reached home at 8pm.
What a long day!

Lesson: Know your car!
and don't borrow others car.

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