Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 2- Hello Pekan, Pahang!

7am- reached Pekan, Pahang

8am- had our breakfast at Pekan, Pahang

10am- reached our school, SMK Tengku Abdullah.
There are 20 girls commitee. We got a 16bed dorm room. We had to share the bed.
Shower room with no door. and "Kolah". Yes, mandi berkemban. Baru la kampung! =pP

2.30pm- ready for Opening Ceremony.
I was the Emcee. haha. never done any emcee job before. Thank god it went smooth. Except that, I missed one line. And yeah, no one notice it. hihi

5.00pm- Started our activity with the students.
Majority of Form6 students. 91 Participants with only 15 male students. We divided students to 10 groups. Each group consists of 8 students.
Was very proud of the students. They are very outspoken and everyone took part in the activity.
I was assigned to be fasilitator for group 10 with EZ & Syafiq.

Nis, Zakirah, Umainah, Tiara, Fatin, Zakirah, Fizi & Azhan.

9pm- Protocol Comittee, me and the team, we had to wrap the hamper @ Bilik Guru.

1am- Postmortem.
2am- Goodnite.