Friday, January 9, 2009

Last day of "Bachelor of Multimedia"

Last final exam
Last day of "Bachelor of Multimedia"
No more assignment, midterm, final examinations.
Part of me, im happy coz I managed to finish my degree on time.
The other part of me, im sad. (thinking back the memories I had all these years)

The exam slip.
Look at the seat number.
Mine is 7,17 (my fav number) , 14 & 4
Mat's 6,16, 13 & 3.

The MI. (media innovation)

The final presentation.

Back then,
during ALPHA year @MMU Melacca
Group PM05, Foundation of Management

The loved one.Put, Stella & Fiq

Atira, Wan & Fiq

1. 15- 20 to Pahang
2. 21-24 Part time job @KL
3. Shooting
4. One week of hols
5. 2nd February starting my Internship @DiGi

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