Tuesday, February 3, 2009

1,2,3. It's 3rd day.

Its 3rd day of internship. At the moment, there is not much to do.
Things I learnt for this 3 days:

1. Microsoft Outlook.
Im so used to Yahoo & Gmail interface. Never know how intelligence is the Outlook.
2. Coffee MachineIm so sleepy, I sat near the wet pantry, Ive nothing to do.
Yes, I keep playing with the coffee machine (although I dont drink coffee).
and Im drunk legally. haha. Milo, milo, milo & teh tarik + teh tarik. Bit of Mocca.
3. Get used to 9am-6pm working hours
I miss my campus life! This 9-6 routines makes my bedtime as early as 10pm.
And, as usual, surfing the net.Lets see what Ive found.

1. From Runaway to Reality

2. Keybagbuild with 393 keys from computer keyboards

thats all for now.
Ive meeting at 3.30pm- 5pm. The only thing I did today, went for meeting.
and yeah,
waiting 5pm for Buy 1 free 1 bread at Bakery groundfloor.
waiting 6pm. I miss my bed.

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