Monday, February 2, 2009

First Day @ DiGi

My first day internship @ DiGi
Location: Digi Telecommunication HQ, Subang Hi Tech, S.Alam
Duration of internship: 4 months ( until May 2009)
Division: Strategy & New Business Division
Department: Broadband

First day activity:
tour Digi Office, meet people, job task briefing, lunch with Boss =)
Lets take a tour..

See those tiny yellow thing?Its called Reload, the cafeteria where I had my meals there.

Open concept- free seating for all.

The entrance. The office.

I didn't do much on my first day.
My boss loan me a laptop and I surf the net. hehe
Working hours 9am-6pm, Weekdays.
Slept at 1030pm.haha.


im.iedot.neve.kedekot. said...

good luck! p/s: hope miting posmotem dpt dtg le.. tak best kalo tak complete sume komiti... huu..

F. Hilda said...

thanks ida. bile meeting postmortem tu? i keje 9-6 weekdays.

Natasha Iman said...

Hi.. how do you apply for the internship programme at digi? Through jobstreet is it?

Natasha Iman said...
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