Thursday, March 12, 2009

Straight to Curl

Remember this ?
l.Clip On Hair Extension
5 set of curl hair extension. RM30 each from Ying Yang @ Sungei Wang
Love the hair texture, very soft BUT the length is just nice for my hair.
2. Long Black Curl Wig
Rm100 from Sungei Wang

and I decided to...
3. My New Hair
Clip On Hair Extension from Thomas&Guy Hair SaloonDetails: 5 set of Hair Extension (straight), Rm38 each
from Thomas & Guy Hair Saloon @ SACC Mall, Shah Alam
And do the curl styling on your own.
I dont like straight hair, but the hair length is good enough for me. Love the after curling result.


lAl said...

Banyak plak style yang hang guna...xpaham aku....hehe

hafreze said...

leh arr, naik moto rmbut ngebang2 gitu

F. Hilda said...

haha. bawa2 la memahami lal =pP