Thursday, March 26, 2009

Let's Go Green!

Saturday, 21st Mac 2009
Day @ Taman Pertanian Malaysia, Shah Alam
or called as Bukit Cahaya/ Bukit Cherakah
located at Seksyen 8

Aimi & Elle
And my lil sis, Farah
Photographer apperentice! Thanks Sis!
Sis count, 1,2,3, and we Jump!

@ Rumah 4 Musim- Spring
Go Green!

Lunch: Hit Bangsar for Shopping Therapy!


misc crab said...

darls..u luk chubby..frm b4 la..cket je..dun bother k..heee..

Fizliyana Hilda said...

yeap yep. i gain weight frm last time. heheh.