Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Updates

My Updates
Fri, 24th April
- shopping with daddy & sis

Sat, 25th April
- Sis School Sport's Day
-MySimplifieds Valentine's Day Prize giving ceremony @DiGi HQ
-Salon appointment @ Pepito Hair Studio
-Nichii Hi Tea & Fashion Show
- Day out / dinner with Iqa and gang
- Karaoke!
Sun, 26th April
- Langkawi preparation @MMU Cyberjaya
Mon, 27th April
-Arome's 22nd Birthday!
Tue, 28th April
29th April- 2nd May
Pulau Tuba, Langkawi

Kuala Lumpur Hair Seminar 2009

Remember, I got a hair cut on my birthday?
I chopped off my longgggg hair and become totally short.
I still couldn't believe I made the decision to actually sacrifise my hair.
This is the preparation day, they cut & dye my hair in 2 colour.

The Day.
on Kuala Lumpur Hair Seminar 2009
by Schwarzkorpf @ Ask Academy, Menara TM

This is the look they want.

Theme: 80's Dance- Sophie Haarfabe
They did styling on my hair with Fibre Mud from Schwarzkorpf.
and some other hair product, I didn't see since I was on stage facing the audience for live hair styling.
Hair by: Rick Lee (Sense Studio)
Styling: Michael (Chezz Technique Studio)
Makeup by: Makeup For Ever
Outfit: Top & Bottom Boutique
Shoe: MOD
Photo by: Nuril Anwar

I got paid for this job.
The hair preparation are all sponsored by Schwarzkorpf,
this would cost RM450 if you wanna do it in their salon since its done by the Master Stylist.

Overall feedback on my new look?
They said: I look younger, trendy, cool, vogue, fierce look, strong look
But they also said: Whyyy Whyyy la u cut ur hair? Your hair is so longgg and lovely

On my side, it would be
1. I never had this kind of short hair, why not give a try? The last time I had was longer than this one when I was 16.
2. Hair grows. If can wait a bit more and go for my hair extension.
3. I need some experience on Hair job for my modelling portfolio.
4. Risk taker. haha.
5. Im not sure if I regretted having this hair, but so far I received good compliments. It just that they didn't aspect I would turn into this look which is totally not ME.
6. I kinda okay with the short hair, but I dislike the back part color of the hair, Im going back to the salon.

Next Update:More pics on Kuala Lumpur Hair Seminar 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

My 22nd Birthday Dinner

My 22nd Birthday Dinneron 17 April 2009 (Fri)
Full House Lifestyle Store and Cafe
( )

The Interior
Yes, there is 100% freedom for you to take pictures in FullHouse

My sister

The Food
The food is not bad- i enjoyed the food,
the food choices is limited (Starter, Western, Asian Delight, Dessert, Drinks)
The drinks there is excellent! they have the bubble drinks.
The price is affordable, 12 of us spent like RM254 in total (including 10% service charge)
Overal, I give rate of 7/10.

Yeah, we really utilized the props & the settings of FULLHOUSE
we took like hundreds of pictures.
11/10 for photograph freedom! The lighting is quite good tho!

Us camwhoring.

Again, 5 of us on the bed.

The suprise
Thanks everyone for the suprise. And thanks for the Blueberry Cheese Tart.
Really love this!

I prefer this rather than a secret recipe cake.
Thanks love!

The girls
Oh ya, the birthday theme was DRESS

Pretending Ive my own boutique, this shot makes me feel like im a fashion designer.haha

All of Us

Thanks everyone for this birthday celebration. I really enjoyed myself and had a great time.
Thanks Thanks Thanks.
Adilia Iryani,
Aimi Nadia,
Nur Liyana,
Anith Simaa,
My sis (Farah),
Stella Choo,
Syed Azhar,
San &
Thanks to Eey for making effort to come to my party but unfortunately she lost her way and couldn't reach the place.
To those who wish me, call & sms.
Iqa. Afni. Aslam. Hazeman. Hijjaz. Eey. Syazlee. Aimi Nadia. Khairul Fahmy. Wewin. Faris Safwan. Syahrin Aziz. Hanim. Kaisen. Mirul. Kak Fara. Syafiq. Din. Sara Dila. Riza. Atiqah. Aina. Syira. Syafiq Tuff. Athirah. Azirah. Intan Fina. Yanti. Jacky. Syazaliyana. Wina.
and also everyone on facebook who wished me. Thanks.

For more information on the cafe,
Check out my previous entry on FULL HOUSE cafe,
and also the address, video map
similar to Fullhouse, under same management.

Review on Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe, One Utama

Was browsing through and saw this nice place,
The Garden @ One Utama
Remember FULLHOUSE Lifestyle Store & Cafe where I had my 22nd birthday dinner there?
I heard that Garden is under the same management with Fullhouse.
It’s located near Studio R at the new wing.

It says that the Garden offer you more food variety than FullHouse.

The atmosphere

And yeah, just like Full House,
this place also have its own boutique

Photo and Credit to

Review on Yaki Yaki Japanese Barbeque Buffet Restaurant

1st Review:
Yaki Yaki Japanese Barbeque Buffet Restaurant

50% discount only from 16/03/2009 to 30/04/2009Buffet Lunch NP RM65++ 11:00am to 2:30pm (3.5 hours)
Buffet Hi-tea NP RM55++ 2:30pm to 5:30pm (3 hours)
Buffet Dinner NP RM75++ 6:00pm to 10:00pm (4 hours)
Buffet Supper NP RM65++ 10:00pm to 2:00am (4 hours)
The placeYaki-Yaki Japanese Barbeque Buffet Restaurant,
Ground Floor, Federal Bowl,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Off Jalan Bukit Bintang,Bukit Bintang Central,
55100 Kuala Lumpur (next to Plaza Low Yat)
Tel: 603-2142 8111

The Food

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Birthday Suprise by Rick Lee, Schwarzkopf Asian Ambassador

I was selected to be one of Rick Lee model for Hair Show
and this is the hair style that I'm gonna get...

80's Dance- Sophie Haarfarbe

Who is Rick Lee?
ick Lee knows how to make love to the hair with scissors. He is the Asian ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional, the hair styling company. He has styled the recent Miss Malaysia and Miss China International and has a list of celebrity clients in Hong Kong and Malaysia. Lee takes pride in making people look good and is the stylist to many famous faces in Malaysia, like Jojo Struys, Danny Wan, Daniel Lee and Dynas Mokthar.
Rick feels that short hair is the best style statement for a woman. "Short hair shows a woman's full face and makes her look more beautiful and confident. People have a perception that short hair looks boyish on women. I think nothing can be more feminine than short hair. In India, most women do not want to go in for short hair. I have specific styles for them."

Before & After

Yes, new me

So, its a birthday suprise by Rick Lee.
I can't believe I did this. Chopped off my long hair. after 6 years.
Will be having Hair Show with Rick on 22nd April 2009.

Next Update:
My 22nd Birthday Dinner @Fullhouse Lifestyle Store & Cafe

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

22nd Birthday @ Full House Cafe

I'll be having my
22nd Birthday Dinner
@ Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe
Date: 17 April 2009
Time: 7.30pm onwards
Theme: Dress

I haven't been to this place but would love to go on this 17 apr.
So lets together find our way to this place.
It seems like a nice place, saw some good feedback on the cafe
So, based on my research, tadaaa..

The Place

A brief introduction of Fullhouse: Fullhouse is a lifestyle store and cafe, where you can dine and shops at the same time. You will feel extremely cozy when you walk in. All around are decorated with attractive items like clock, potted plants, portrait frames, key chains and etc. You are free to purchase if you like them. On the second floor, there are various collection of beautiful Korean designed clothing which you can purchase too.

The Address

The Map
Still not sure?
Here is the
video how to get to NZX, Ara Damansara
It start’s from the LDP U-Turn before Giant or just in front of the school (SMK Kelana Jaya) and all the way to Niu Ze Xui, NZX =)

1. I suggest you make move early so that you can take your time to find the place
2. Bring camera babybehh!
3. See you! 17 april 2009 (Fri), 730pm

Credit to:

Friday, April 10, 2009

1988 vs 2008?

was cleaning up the room and saw my childhood pics

Check pic 1988 & 2008
Similar pose?

Oh, it was like, 21 years ago.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Shopping Therapy!

Saturday- from Nose

Sunday- from Step
and..My First Book ever!
I hate reading but i feel like buying
I am happy. HAPPY.