Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kuala Lumpur Hair Seminar 2009

Remember, I got a hair cut on my birthday?
I chopped off my longgggg hair and become totally short.
I still couldn't believe I made the decision to actually sacrifise my hair.
This is the preparation day, they cut & dye my hair in 2 colour.

The Day.
on Kuala Lumpur Hair Seminar 2009
by Schwarzkorpf @ Ask Academy, Menara TM

This is the look they want.

Theme: 80's Dance- Sophie Haarfabe
They did styling on my hair with Fibre Mud from Schwarzkorpf.
and some other hair product, I didn't see since I was on stage facing the audience for live hair styling.
Hair by: Rick Lee (Sense Studio)
Styling: Michael (Chezz Technique Studio)
Makeup by: Makeup For Ever
Outfit: Top & Bottom Boutique
Shoe: MOD
Photo by: Nuril Anwar

I got paid for this job.
The hair preparation are all sponsored by Schwarzkorpf,
this would cost RM450 if you wanna do it in their salon since its done by the Master Stylist.

Overall feedback on my new look?
They said: I look younger, trendy, cool, vogue, fierce look, strong look
But they also said: Whyyy Whyyy la u cut ur hair? Your hair is so longgg and lovely

On my side, it would be
1. I never had this kind of short hair, why not give a try? The last time I had was longer than this one when I was 16.
2. Hair grows. If can wait a bit more and go for my hair extension.
3. I need some experience on Hair job for my modelling portfolio.
4. Risk taker. haha.
5. Im not sure if I regretted having this hair, but so far I received good compliments. It just that they didn't aspect I would turn into this look which is totally not ME.
6. I kinda okay with the short hair, but I dislike the back part color of the hair, Im going back to the salon.

Next Update:More pics on Kuala Lumpur Hair Seminar 2009


The Dot Studio said...

Credit Sket agency..thedotstudio : )

moon.chaser said...

funky lah your new hairstyle. you look much younger. okay whaaaat. something new for a change kan kan kan? and your hair will grow. before you know it, dah panjang balik daaaah. :):):)

F. Hilda said...

The Dot Studio: will do ;)

Moon Chaser: thanks for the compliments. life need some changes ;pP cant wait for it to grow back.