Monday, April 20, 2009

My 22nd Birthday Dinner

My 22nd Birthday Dinneron 17 April 2009 (Fri)
Full House Lifestyle Store and Cafe
( )

The Interior
Yes, there is 100% freedom for you to take pictures in FullHouse

My sister

The Food
The food is not bad- i enjoyed the food,
the food choices is limited (Starter, Western, Asian Delight, Dessert, Drinks)
The drinks there is excellent! they have the bubble drinks.
The price is affordable, 12 of us spent like RM254 in total (including 10% service charge)
Overal, I give rate of 7/10.

Yeah, we really utilized the props & the settings of FULLHOUSE
we took like hundreds of pictures.
11/10 for photograph freedom! The lighting is quite good tho!

Us camwhoring.

Again, 5 of us on the bed.

The suprise
Thanks everyone for the suprise. And thanks for the Blueberry Cheese Tart.
Really love this!

I prefer this rather than a secret recipe cake.
Thanks love!

The girls
Oh ya, the birthday theme was DRESS

Pretending Ive my own boutique, this shot makes me feel like im a fashion designer.haha

All of Us

Thanks everyone for this birthday celebration. I really enjoyed myself and had a great time.
Thanks Thanks Thanks.
Adilia Iryani,
Aimi Nadia,
Nur Liyana,
Anith Simaa,
My sis (Farah),
Stella Choo,
Syed Azhar,
San &
Thanks to Eey for making effort to come to my party but unfortunately she lost her way and couldn't reach the place.
To those who wish me, call & sms.
Iqa. Afni. Aslam. Hazeman. Hijjaz. Eey. Syazlee. Aimi Nadia. Khairul Fahmy. Wewin. Faris Safwan. Syahrin Aziz. Hanim. Kaisen. Mirul. Kak Fara. Syafiq. Din. Sara Dila. Riza. Atiqah. Aina. Syira. Syafiq Tuff. Athirah. Azirah. Intan Fina. Yanti. Jacky. Syazaliyana. Wina.
and also everyone on facebook who wished me. Thanks.

For more information on the cafe,
Check out my previous entry on FULL HOUSE cafe,
and also the address, video map
similar to Fullhouse, under same management.


hafreze said...

my name on the last?..damnnnnn

♥ jυℓєѕ said...

happy belated bday fiz! :)

F. Hilda said...

hafreze:last la special ;) die ikot kedatangan. u kn last ;pP
jue: thanks darl