Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Online Shopping Again?

Yeah, again, online shopping!

my current addiction, Chiffon.
I don't know why chiffon but I just love Chiffon.

Black Dot Dot top, Rm35

Chiffon Dress, rm45
Should I go for Peach or Violet?
Dilemma. Help!

I love Chiffon!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Take 3 by T@MU

Late update of 7th May 2009.
Went to MMU to watch Take 3 event by T@MU
and attend Sekolah@MMU Langkawi postmortem.
2 in 1. yes.

This is gonna be the last T@MU event before I graduate,
and most of us is leaving MMU soon
Group pic
From left, standing: Naz, Skem, Me, Mo, Azirah, Amir
Front row: err & Zaim

All of us- T@MU crew, after the event

and then, went to Papa John, Seri Kembangan
for dinner with all the Sekolah@MMU Langkawi team mates
Oh yeah,
Happy Birthday to 7 May babies;Elle, Anis Alyana & Atoy.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shopping! Shopping! Online

Here I come, online shopping Trip 2!

I bought 2 stuff today.

1. Top from Creampuff, Rm34 one on the left, the long hair girl wearing)

2. Vintage Dress from Pa Chenta Vintage, rm30

and, I had an eye on this items,
Unfortunately, its all reserved ;(

4m Cotton Fabric

Summer Tea Dress
From Shopaholics Unite
I guess I gotta hit Bangsar for a shopping theraphy!
Lets Lets!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MySimplifieds goes to Langkawi!

Remember the Langkawi Trip?
MySimplifieds is one of the sponsor for Sekolah@MMU Langkawi.

Currently, as intern in DiGi, i also assisted in MySimplifieds team.
and I managed to get MySimplifieds to sponsor for the event.
And here is the post on the event by MySimplifieds blog.Credit to photographer: Aida Shahab & Syafiq

The write up on the event is done by me =)

Wondering what is MySimplifieds?
you can post your ads for free, buy & sell your stuff

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Langkawi 29th April - 3rd May 2009

Went to Langkawi for MMU Charity event
Sekolah@ MMU Langkawi, Pulau Tuba

30th April,
6am arrive Jeti Kuala Perlis
took 8am ferry trip to Pulau Tuba

Arrived Langkawi Jetty.Me in tudung?
Yes, the school set rules for all female fasilitator to wear tudung and wear decent.
I like this pic.
"Seorang penduduk kampung menjadi tourist guide kepada pelancong yang datang dari bandar" haha
Somehow, I felt this looks like "pergi-umrah" kind of look

Closer look.

Reached Pulau Tuba, walking about 1km to SMK Langkawi

Yes, this is the event.

Group 5
- me, Nizar & Dynat the fasilitator for group 5

All of Us. The fasi.
We spent 3 days 2 nights at the school.
We slept at the student's hostel.

Then we spent 1 night at chalet@ Pulau Tuba.
We had BBQ and "tepung tawar" that night.

3rd May 2009
Trip around Langkawi
On the way to Tasik Dayang Bunting


the fun part. "Terjun berjemaah". It was raining.

Yes, 1,2,3, Terjun!

We stop at Beras Basah Island.

shopping time!
Chocs Heaven @ Pekan Kuah
to be exact, Coco Valley & Haji Ismail Group sell very cheap chocs
make sure you shop there if you're in Langkawi

I spent RM95 for all of this

Bakso time!

Rush back to Jetty Point for our 7pm ferry to Jeti Kuala Perlis
9pm- took MMU Bus back to Cyberjaya
10pm- stop @Gurun, Kedah
11pm- had Char Keow Teow @Sungai Dua, Permatang Pauh
6am- reached Cyberjaya.
Im Happy. Im tired.
Bye Bye Langkawi!
For more picture,