Thursday, June 4, 2009


31 may 2009
Zorbing/ Sphereing @ Tasik Taman Titiwangsa
There are 2 types of zorbing
Dry rm15 , Wet Rm20

What is zorbing??
Check out:
it is originated from New Zealand
now in Malaysia. Yes, u can experience it too.

me & Intan went for Wet zorbing.
it fit 2 riders per zorb ball. maximum 110kg per riders.
advisable to bring ur Goggle.
and also, extra clothes, toilettries, towel.

All of us.
Yea, it was raining in the evening.
we had to stop for few minutes and continue the zorb activity
17 of us.
if you want to book session for zorbing, u need to have at least 10 people.


It was fun, great experience, great excitement!

Bye, Bye, Bye DiGi. Im gonna miss you.

25 may 2009
My last day in Digi
Completed my 4months training.

Shanker arranged a farewell lunch for me
Thanks Thanks
at Seed Cafe @ Padini Holdings Sdn. Bhd
in Shah Alam Industrial Park
The food was good.
I had tomyam sphagetti.

In the evening, we had D'Chillz for all DiGizen
a.k.a BIG FAREWELL on my last day. haha! jk.

Norweign Goodies,
Nyummy! A lot of free foods for all DiGizens.
1901 Hotdogs, Ice Cream, Cakes, Cookies, and lotss lotss of food.

The DiGi Aqua performing Barbie Girl song
The DiGi ABBA performing Dancing Queen song

On 27 May 2009,
we had DiGi Broadband Team Party
we are served with western food. Nyummy.
and as usual, Digi premiums (laptop bagpack and shopping bag).

So many foods, So many party.
I love DiGi.
Quack Quack Quack.

Im gonna miss my days in DiGi

UBKR Netball Team in Sinar Newspaper

24 Mei 2009
Netball Sukan Komuniti DUN Sri Muda

We are all "Bidan Terjun".
I've left my netball skills 11 years ago.

No high expectation as all of us don't even go for practice and training.
We played for fun.
Of course we didn't win.
Lose for 3 set of games. haha
10-0, 8-0 , 10-1

But, something to be remembered,
we are in Sinar!

Spot me.

in GS beep.
kalah tetap kalah,
yang penting dapat pose in Sinar.

Takpe, yang penting, our bowling team are strong!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Bukan Dadah, tapi Dadih

satu ringgit satu, beli, beli"

After a few trial and free sampling to friends,

yeah, massive production.
will be sold at daddy's restaurant
Kayu Manis Resto @ Taman Pertanian Shah Alam

1st batch

chocolate, vanilla & mango flavour
selling rm1 each

also available in other flavour
place your order now.
made by me. will come out with my own labelling soon.

Who said I can't cook?

Since Ive completed my internship and doing nothing at the moment,
So, I decided to cook.
Yes. Cook.

I know it won't taste like 5 star restaurant nor a chef cook
but hey, practice makes perfect.

So, menu of the day:

I added the red bean.


Bowling. I won. Yay!

Bowling Tournament @ Summit Usj

25 May 2009, exactly on my last day internship with DiGi

Mum, me, Iqa & Kak Farah

Me & Ann Abdullah.
She's playing as Guest.

my score. 103, 118, 189

I played for Team,
won 1st place for Girls Team
and I won, 2nd highest pinfall ( girl category)

*unfortunately, no pics during prize giving ceremony. I play for fun, didnt aspect to win.
I was having karaoke session during prize giving ceremony. Haha*

Got myself an iron & rice cooker.
Gotta be a fulltime housewife. haha.

Online Shopping Trip 3

Chiffon Addict!

and here I go again,
My Online Shopping Trip 3

from Vintageville, RM30

from Migoto Vintage, RM30

from Creampuff, RM39

Please, stop me.