Thursday, June 4, 2009


31 may 2009
Zorbing/ Sphereing @ Tasik Taman Titiwangsa
There are 2 types of zorbing
Dry rm15 , Wet Rm20

What is zorbing??
Check out:
it is originated from New Zealand
now in Malaysia. Yes, u can experience it too.

me & Intan went for Wet zorbing.
it fit 2 riders per zorb ball. maximum 110kg per riders.
advisable to bring ur Goggle.
and also, extra clothes, toilettries, towel.

All of us.
Yea, it was raining in the evening.
we had to stop for few minutes and continue the zorb activity
17 of us.
if you want to book session for zorbing, u need to have at least 10 people.


It was fun, great experience, great excitement!


A.J. said...

What a cool game. A must-try for all. Not dat expensive. Gotta hop-in sumtyme~

a r i e said...

pening ni.. pening game ni..


arif said...

Waaa... that's cool! wanna try this game too... cam best je.

F. Hilda said...

Aj: yes, you should try.

arie: tak pening pun, kejap je the ride. but its worth while.

arif: you should, must try this!