Friday, July 17, 2009

My 1st Drama Acting in "Joey&Zoey"

Shooting Drama Joey & Zoey
16 July 09
Subang Jaya & Shah Alam area

Directed by Woo Ming Jin (Greenlight Pictures)
will be on Astro Ria in August 2009

Main Cast: Ainul Aishah (Zoey) and Isma Yusoof (Joey)


Basically this story is about two friend, Zoey & Joey. Zoey is a rich girl, working with big & successful advertising company. Joey is a loser and works as a cleaner. One day, an accident happened and they switched body.

Zoey's body with Joey inside and Joey's body with Zoey inside. So the story will revolve the life of new Zoey and Joey. As for Joey, the loser guy, he is happy lah because he get to go to spa, live in luxury, a comfortable home and all that. But for Zoey?

Joey is attracted to Ms.Zoey's assistant- MAYA. That's me.
Maya treated Ms.Zoey as her boss, and they were close like sisters. But Maya didn't know that its actually JOEY, who likes her. Jeng Jeng!

So, there goes the story! You must watch. Its an interesting one. Trust me.

This is my first acting with a dialog. I was so excited when Ming Jin offered me the role. Altho its just a small role, I'm so glad that Ming Jin gave me this opportunity. Thanks to Ainul & Isma who helped me to go through with this as I am stil very very very new.

Me & Ainul on set, our office, an advertising company. Its actually a kindergarten shoplot but the production crew redecorate and rearrange the classroom become office.

Us, camwhoring with Ming Jin's Mac Book while waiting for the lighting to set up.

Oh again, us. We found out dat we are ARIES.
Ainul was born April 16, me on April 17.
and we are MMUians! Ex-MMUians. Hee.

Ainul on her bad day. She finally reveals the real JOEY in her.
Coming to the office wearing pyjamas, very bad makeup purposely to get fired.

me with the director, Woo Ming Jin.
He directed Telemovie Popular & 100 Harijadi (Astro Ria)
Thanks alot for the opportunity you gave me.

Isma, me, Ainul ( Kami MMU!) haha.

our board meeting scene.

Ms. Zoey getting ready for her presentation.

This board meeting scene took so long.
We finished all office scene. and it took whole day.
Yes, calltime at 630am and we wrap at 1am the next day.

So, dont forget!
Catch Joey & Zoey in Astro Ria, in August 2009.

Photoshoot with Kamarulzaman Russali

I need to update my portfolio.
I need latest picture of me in short hair.

Photographer: Kamarulzaman Russali @ Manz Studio

Here at some of the picture, in thumbnail

my favourite pics, unedited.

more pictures will be uploaded soon.

Chiffon Again?!

Im still a big fan of chiffon.
I guess this is my 7th piece of chiffon that I bought for this few month.

As usual, I like thus chiffon collection from Creampuff
they always have the piece that Im totally in love with and its selling fast.

from Creampuff, Rm45

Happy =)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Behind the scene DiGi Music Club TV Commercial

This time, its TV Commercial for DiGi Music Club.
Much thanks to Shanker for this job.
Shooting 4 July, 0800-1200 @ Stadium Bukit Jalil

Me & Dyea.
Happy 22nd Birthday Dear Dyea!
tho we just knew each other for few weeks, its nice knowing you.
Me & Dyea during briefing. It was 70 of us, role as the crowd in a concert.

with Dyea & Eliza

The scene.

with the main talent
from left Biel (yes, the one in Anak Wayang), Idris Khan, Michael Johansson, Zariq Shukor

one more!

Tired of jumping around!
Had lotsa fun.

Celcom Sukses & Dewa 19 LIVE

I work part time for "Celcom Sukses & Dewa 19 Live" event
June 27, Tasik Titiwangsa

Yeah, DEWA 19.
Guest artist: Pesawat & Ella

Me, Elle & Wanie @ Celcom booth
Basically, we are promoting Air Time Sharing (ATS) Campaign.
So I walked around and look for Celcom Prepaid user,
and then teach them how to use ATS and yeah, reward them with Rm1 airtime.

Thanks friends who sms me the list of celcom prepaid list.
I hope you guys got the rm1 airtime from me =)

Duration: 0900-1600.

Behind the scene TMNet TV Commercial

H1N1 Screening @ Tropicana Medical Centre, Kota Damansara
What the h?
All of us, the crew and everyone has to go for H1N1 Screening before we actually go to our shooting location at 6th floor.

Kami bebas dari H1N1! yay
Thanks Shea for the company. She woke up so early. Thanks!

Makeup time.

Just a natural makeup suits a nurse character.
Notice the green tiny round sticker?
Thats the h1n1 procedure.

Oh ya.
Its a Tv Commercial (TVC) or also known as Iklan Tv.
for TMNet.
Will be on air for Merdeka campaign.

My role= nurse.
Me in uniform.
Its the nurse uniform for Tropicana Medical Centre.

The nurses. and 1 hospital attendance? hee.

Me with the main cast, acted as Chitra.
A young girl who falls sicks and need blood donators.

The scene.
Its a great experience as I get to handle the medical instruments.
and experience the situation in ICU.
tho I dont have medical background. Haha

Shooting from 0730 til 2330. It took whole day.
Tired but I enjoyed myself.

My Talent profile.

Spot the TMNet "As One we care" TVC
somewhere in August.

Behind the scene " Telemovie Laila Sari"

Telemovie "Laila Sari" will be on Astro Ria, Channel 104 on July 17.
Mark your calendar ya!
Directer by Ghaz Abu Bakar, The Media Hustler.

I play as Dayang Istana, just a small role
Thanks Nat dear for the great company =)

On set- the green screen in Set & Background Studio, MMU Cyberjaya,
Yeah, this story made up of 40% CGI.
I cant wait to see the outcome. Done by mostly MMU students.

With Director, Ghaz
Thanks for the opportunity you gave me.
Its really a nice and great experience working with The Media Hustler.
This is my 2nd time working with them, after Telemovie "Popular" in June 2008.

With the makeup artist, Rezza.
Look at our ear. heheh.

me with Thumb Suhaimi- he acted as Tok Kebayan

My very short hair. Will grow long in a minute!

Yeah, with help of Hair Extension of course!

See the difference?
my hair in brown
and hair extension in black
Rezza sprayed Black Colour Hair Spray.
I had to shampoo 3times!

Biru- Wada
Sari- Chomel ( she was the one in Drama Comel, TV3)

The scene.
Yeah, Liyana Jasmay was the main cast.

Elle drop by and give me a visit.
Thanks dear.

Don't forget.
17 July 2009!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Picnic @ Sepang Goldcoast

Finally, Ive some time to update my blog.
Its gonna be a massive update. Yeah.
Lets start with this.

Jun 7 ,2009
Outing with friends @ Sepang Goldcoast

They are all my USJ4 schoolmates
addition: Syafrin ( Syafiq's cousin) + Syed (Dd's bf) + my lil sis
All of us.

Me & Dd
Shopping for a kite,
yes, Mari main layang-layang.
angin takde, so buat2 main layang2 je la. Hee

Wrap! All of us wet after playing ball.
Yeah, Seafood & Ikan bakar time
@ Bagan Lalang.

Memory of the day. Haha.
Designed by Helmi & Syazwan.
Made of left over food : chilly, tulang ikan pari, cucumber, kerang

Happy Time.
Thanks Friends!