Friday, July 17, 2009

My 1st Drama Acting in "Joey&Zoey"

Shooting Drama Joey & Zoey
16 July 09
Subang Jaya & Shah Alam area

Directed by Woo Ming Jin (Greenlight Pictures)
will be on Astro Ria in August 2009

Main Cast: Ainul Aishah (Zoey) and Isma Yusoof (Joey)


Basically this story is about two friend, Zoey & Joey. Zoey is a rich girl, working with big & successful advertising company. Joey is a loser and works as a cleaner. One day, an accident happened and they switched body.

Zoey's body with Joey inside and Joey's body with Zoey inside. So the story will revolve the life of new Zoey and Joey. As for Joey, the loser guy, he is happy lah because he get to go to spa, live in luxury, a comfortable home and all that. But for Zoey?

Joey is attracted to Ms.Zoey's assistant- MAYA. That's me.
Maya treated Ms.Zoey as her boss, and they were close like sisters. But Maya didn't know that its actually JOEY, who likes her. Jeng Jeng!

So, there goes the story! You must watch. Its an interesting one. Trust me.

This is my first acting with a dialog. I was so excited when Ming Jin offered me the role. Altho its just a small role, I'm so glad that Ming Jin gave me this opportunity. Thanks to Ainul & Isma who helped me to go through with this as I am stil very very very new.

Me & Ainul on set, our office, an advertising company. Its actually a kindergarten shoplot but the production crew redecorate and rearrange the classroom become office.

Us, camwhoring with Ming Jin's Mac Book while waiting for the lighting to set up.

Oh again, us. We found out dat we are ARIES.
Ainul was born April 16, me on April 17.
and we are MMUians! Ex-MMUians. Hee.

Ainul on her bad day. She finally reveals the real JOEY in her.
Coming to the office wearing pyjamas, very bad makeup purposely to get fired.

me with the director, Woo Ming Jin.
He directed Telemovie Popular & 100 Harijadi (Astro Ria)
Thanks alot for the opportunity you gave me.

Isma, me, Ainul ( Kami MMU!) haha.

our board meeting scene.

Ms. Zoey getting ready for her presentation.

This board meeting scene took so long.
We finished all office scene. and it took whole day.
Yes, calltime at 630am and we wrap at 1am the next day.

So, dont forget!
Catch Joey & Zoey in Astro Ria, in August 2009.

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