Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Picnic @ Sepang Goldcoast

Finally, Ive some time to update my blog.
Its gonna be a massive update. Yeah.
Lets start with this.

Jun 7 ,2009
Outing with friends @ Sepang Goldcoast

They are all my USJ4 schoolmates
addition: Syafrin ( Syafiq's cousin) + Syed (Dd's bf) + my lil sis
All of us.

Me & Dd
Shopping for a kite,
yes, Mari main layang-layang.
angin takde, so buat2 main layang2 je la. Hee

Wrap! All of us wet after playing ball.
Yeah, Seafood & Ikan bakar time
@ Bagan Lalang.

Memory of the day. Haha.
Designed by Helmi & Syazwan.
Made of left over food : chilly, tulang ikan pari, cucumber, kerang

Happy Time.
Thanks Friends!

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