Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Convocation!

Finally, I completed my studies on 25 May 2009.
Bachelor in Multimedia (Media Innovation & Entrepreneurship)
And my MMU 10th Convocation, 2009
on 8 August 2009.
080809! Ada Ong!

Loved one, Elle & Aimi.
Thanks lot for coming =)


with my colleague,

Mum & Dad,
Thanks for the big support,
for believin' and let me do what I wish for.
and I've made it for you!
with my siblings. 2 of my siblings.
the other 4 are busy with their studies.

The Faculty,
Management Faculty

all these good photos,
are taken by The Photographer, Afdal.
Thanks to Amy as 2nd photographer.
I'm so happy that Ive completed my studies with good grades =)
Oh ya, I got a job. Started my job on 3 Aug 09,
as Marketing Executive,
Malaysia Airlines Academy, Kelana Jaya.


lAl said...


Liyana said...

im sooo proud of u more late nite suppers,no more lunch dates, no more cam whoring at my gonna miss u so bad..:( -elle

FiDa@aMiDa said...


congrate 2u...sorry asu tak dpt join..asu balik lewat sket..maybe time raya

happy and proud having a nice like you


shazika said...

congrate sis..
btw,i junior u mase kat pdrm

Putri Sara Elisya said...

Congratulations fyzhilda. Can't believe we've known each other for 4 yrs now.. Im missing the good times in Alpha.

Intan said...

Congratz yang..