Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hi 2010! Mission Accomplished!

Hello 2010!
Happy New Year!

I started my 2010 eyeing on the stuff I wanted to
& yeah. I found it!

Remember the Bustline Enhancement Product?
Selling at SGD 12.90.

I found a Malaysia supplier & waiting for my baby bustline (the exact one) to arrive!
& its slightly cheaper (including postage). Yay.

and the Hair Volumizer Insert.

this is made in USA.
its SGD 29.90 (singapore supplier)
available in 3 shades & it comes with 3 sizes (refer pic)

and this one is Made in China
A friend of mine, told me that she saw this item in Pyramid
(some Japanese shop, cant recall the name)

It comes only in 1 colour , 1 size & 1 piece at a very cheap price.
I think its worth for the price.
If you are interested to buy, leave me a message ya :)

and yeah! I got it all, all i wished for.
Happy 2010!

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