Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lesson 1: Say NO to Cute Guys.

Let me update you my back dated story bit by bit.
Sorry, I've been away from blogging due to tight work schedule.

It's 6 Nov entry.
Went to GSC Times Square.
for Planet 51 Premiere

Thanks Shea for the ticket.
Sponsored by TM.

and the next day,
We went out for makan2 (Amir's 26th Birthday)
@ Sushi Groove, Sunway Pyramid
They changed the name to Tokyo... (I forgot the exact name)Bye2 Tokyo!

and then we decided to go Sunway Lagoon
it's almost 3pm and since we didn't prepare for Wet Park
so we ended up
taking picture with Mr Sunway Lagoon Duck.

Then, all of us agreed to go for Ice Skating.Daa! Us, While waiting the skating ring for maintenance.
Its Tea Time,
Krispy Kreme calling!
and this is where the lesson begins.

GUY 1:tall, handsome, PURPLE SHIRT,met at the Ice Skating ring & we exchanged number.

GUY 2:average guy, PURPLE SHIRT, met him years back through Myspace.

GUY 1After ice skating session, we had our tea break @Krispy Creme.
GUY 1 texted me & we started to get to knw each other. We thought GUY 1 is single
(assumption: single & exchanged phone number).

And 2 seconds after we texting each other,
Guess what? We saw GUY 1 hugging & holding hands with a girl. I suppose the girl just came since we didn't see her at the skating ring.
(assumption: thats the gf!)
So i text him " Your gf is pretty, send my regards to her"
(intention: to make him aware that we caught him)
GUY 1 replied "Boleh tak i nak no telefon kwn u yg lg 1?"
(assumption: dah kantoi yet still gatal)
GUY 2Since he insisted to meet up after 5 years being Internet Buddy. He drove all the way from Kuantan, Pahang. We are suppose to meet at 10am.
I guess its a total bad day for him
His car tyre burst out, having prob with the spare tyre, wrong tow truck came & resulting to bad damage to his long shaft.
He is so determined, he made up his way& reached Pyramid at 7pm!
(If I were him, I'd just drove back to Kuantan & say Sorry I couldn't make it)
To make it worst, his car is in total engine breakdown & he had to tow back his car all the way from Sunway to Kuantan.(Reasons: He prefer his mechanic to fix for him, easy to monitor since he's in Kuantan)
and so, he slept in the tow truck and arrived Kuantan safely.
and it cost him rm800 (towing) & additional rm5000 (for the Evo 7; engine damage).
I asked him "why didn't you drove back to Kuantan when you car tyre got burst out?"
He replied "Would you still believe me If I didn't turn up?. Im sure you would think I'm a big liar or you might think Im making up a story to delay our meet up"
((Logic enough?))
I added "Didn't you feel regret for coming down to Sunway & all you get is big trouble (car breakdown & endup spending rm6000 to fix it) for yourself?"
He said " In every pain (the car breakdown), there's a happiness (getting to see me).
(assumption: isn't he is just so nice? compared to the GUY 1. at least I could see his sincerity)
His face expression is in total calm & he didn't even curse anyone or anything for what had happened to him.
(If I were him, I'd curse the girl & will never ever meet her again for giving me such a longggg bad luck day)

GUY 1: goodlooking but, in few minutes, he showed his true colours.
GUY 2: for my eyes, I would say he is very average but, kind hearted, determined & very sincere.
never look things on the surface.
most important thing is the intention.
This is how I viewed it as a lesson for me.


lAl said...

Ahaha... Menarik hang punya pengalaman nih... Tapi, lelaki nie, bila dah suka... Apa saja bleh wat... Tapi bila dia dah ada mcm kekuatan (cthnya kehenseman diri), so, dia ingat benda senang dapat... Then wat men2 ja la...Xserius...

Bila aku boleh g kaco hang ni fyz?

F. Hilda said...

Lal skang kt kl je kn? jom la jumpa!

Amir said...

Guy no2 is an awesome guy. Respect!