Friday, December 25, 2009

Ms. Creampuff !

My favourite- Creampuff.
But I rarely had it, only when I went to hotel events.
I don't know why, hardly find creampuff in bakery shop.
Do you know any place that sells creampuff?

So last weekend, my aunt taught me how to make a creampuff.
This is my first time baking.

Mixing stage




Thanks "Angah" for the recipe!


Mohd Hafidz said...

wohoo sedapnye feveret pakcik nih

F. Hilda said...

hehe.faveret ramai ;)

Mohd Hafidz said...

wat la bagi kite sket ley? hehe

Rabi'ah Mustaffa said...

creampuff ade kat papa berjanggut (beard papa)kat midvalley ada la fyz...ada choc, vanilla, mango n durian flavour..
slalu i beli vanilla n ada 1 time i try durian...sedap jugak...