Friday, December 25, 2009

My Wish list!

I've been eye-ing on this stuff for the past few months.
Saw it online but was contemplating to purchase it online.
Bought 1 of the item & still looking for the other 2 items.

1. Bustline Enhancement Product

2. Hair Volumizer Inserts

3. Smooth Legs

Finally, I bought this item in Subang Jaya.
Not the exact brand but its the same thing
& its cheaper :)
Smooth Skin
If you are interested to get this Smooth Skin, leave me a message ya :)

Anyone going to Singapore?
Will you look for the two items (Bustline Enhancement & Hair Volumizer) for me?


oYaMa said...

hai fyz!

btw..about the bustline..i read in LYN forum..somebody is bulking order about the bustline product..try search there..perhaps ada kot..

Fizliyana Hilda said...

hey oyama! thank u for the info. LYN forum? i didnt knw that you read girls stuff? ;P whats the url eh?

oYaMa said...

well..sometime interesting to know latest fashion of women..haha..baru tahu if my gf nak shopping ke~ hahaha..later will give u the url..k?

oYaMa said...

bustline item:

All of girl stuff sales..weird2 pun ada:

If you suspicious, i can help u..da lama forumer kat situ..