Friday, January 29, 2010

DiGi Broadband Print Ads

DiGi Broadband Refresher Campaign
by NagaDBB Agency & Dragonfly Design Works
@ Studio ROM, Sunway Damansara

Photographer Brandon
Assistant Siong Elson
Art Director- Chris
Stylist-Li Wah

Thanks Shanker for the contact :)

4 talents. 3 guys, 1 girl.
We have to act as if we are falling down.
I think i jumped more than 30times
Fun & tiring of jumping!

Another attempt to jump
and guess what?
My perfect shot was when i finally fall down FOR REAL, i slipped from the platform, my shoe got stucked, and i hurt my back.
Luckily no serious injury. Just a back pain and pain in the ass. Haha.
I thank god it's not the head or my neck park. Scary!

when i fell down, all the crew were so worried & checking if Im okay.
it's nice to work with them.
Shooting went smooth and it's not even an hour.
I guess my real fall down save the day! and they got the shot that they wanted.

Resting, back pain.
had fun.
good experience.
back pain. no injury.

O ya, spot the local newspaper.
will be advertised in early Feb.
cant wait to look at the final outcome

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Premier 2010 Photoshoot

Hello 2010!
It's my new year photo update.

Photo by: Kamarulzaman Russali & Aman Pix
Wardrobe: Dorothy Perkins, MNG, Cotton On, FOS
Shoe: Clarks
Makeup & Hair: Model

1. Office wear shoot

2. For fun!

Notice our baby T?

3. Wild!

4. Joy!

I'm Happy!

Friday, January 1, 2010

How shopaholic celebrate 2010.

My shopping items again.
On my new year, I slept at 530am. Doing my shopping therapy :)
I bought it all from online.

1. Hair Volumizer Inserts

2. Shoe Under
Good for those who have collection of shoes.
You can have one in your car & one at home.

Just the right thing for your shoes.

3. Umbrella Wine Bottle
I found this in most of the shopping mall, selling around RM25>

But this is cheap & also available in designer prints (LV, Gucci, Coach & etc)
Good for gift idea.

& waiting for parcel :)
and guess what? I spend it all for below RM50.

Bigger Boobs?

I was browsing through and I saw few stuff to enhance the bust.
Im not sure how far it works but let's just share this.

1. Bra Clip
You can purchase it online from US, Singapore & Malaysia Supplier
( I've purchased this from a Malaysia Supplier. Quite reasonable
Will update you the testimonial)

2. Bra Padding
another alternative for the silicon bra.
Advantage: Not sticky as silicon & so that there's some air for your B.
Available online & also at Sasa Store

3. Breast Pump
I guess this stuff from Japan.
Spotted in Sasa & online as well.

4. Breast Massager
From Japan as well. Spotted: online

5. Breast Pump
This one is quite expensive. About Rm150>
Spotted: online

6. Breast Enhancer
spotted: online

7. Breast Mask
Interesting. Spotted: online

There are so many ways to enhance your B without going for surgery.
Lets just open to choices & try them.
Then see, if you like it, if its good. Then its good for you.
If its not, its okay to try :)