Friday, January 1, 2010

Bigger Boobs?

I was browsing through and I saw few stuff to enhance the bust.
Im not sure how far it works but let's just share this.

1. Bra Clip
You can purchase it online from US, Singapore & Malaysia Supplier
( I've purchased this from a Malaysia Supplier. Quite reasonable
Will update you the testimonial)

2. Bra Padding
another alternative for the silicon bra.
Advantage: Not sticky as silicon & so that there's some air for your B.
Available online & also at Sasa Store

3. Breast Pump
I guess this stuff from Japan.
Spotted in Sasa & online as well.

4. Breast Massager
From Japan as well. Spotted: online

5. Breast Pump
This one is quite expensive. About Rm150>
Spotted: online

6. Breast Enhancer
spotted: online

7. Breast Mask
Interesting. Spotted: online

There are so many ways to enhance your B without going for surgery.
Lets just open to choices & try them.
Then see, if you like it, if its good. Then its good for you.
If its not, its okay to try :)

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Ayzprella said...

intresting post. <3