Friday, January 1, 2010

How shopaholic celebrate 2010.

My shopping items again.
On my new year, I slept at 530am. Doing my shopping therapy :)
I bought it all from online.

1. Hair Volumizer Inserts

2. Shoe Under
Good for those who have collection of shoes.
You can have one in your car & one at home.

Just the right thing for your shoes.

3. Umbrella Wine Bottle
I found this in most of the shopping mall, selling around RM25>

But this is cheap & also available in designer prints (LV, Gucci, Coach & etc)
Good for gift idea.

& waiting for parcel :)
and guess what? I spend it all for below RM50.

1 comment:

sheila izrin zaki said...

fyz! where can i get those shoes compartment thing? hehehe my shoes all berterabur kat bawah katil. :p