Friday, February 26, 2010

Photoshoot: I called it Fharlie Fhaplin.

my recent photoshoot.
I aspire the charlie chaplin.
and there goes my shoot in B&W

you can get this hair accessories @ curve flea market for only rm27.
i just love it.
its so classy.

more pics to come.

I wish "luck" is my bestfriend for tomorrow.
i need my beauty sleep.

photo credit: kamarulzaman russali
manz's studio

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ms. Myvi Kissed Mdm Avanza

On my way to office,
(just 2mins away from home)
Ops! I kissed a car in front of me.

I must admit it's my fault for not keeping the right distance
and the Mdm Avanza made a sudden break & yes, i kissed her.

I thought she will give this look (like you normally see when there is accident happened), with the hand gesture & muka ketat.
Luckily, she's nice. Very calm (by her look-she looks like Ustazah)

We decided not to lodge a police report and I pay her instead.
It's so nice of her, giving me rm50 discount. Hee.

Thank god it's a minor accident.
& I just found out that she is mother to my bro's friend. Haha!

There goes my $$$ to fix Ms Myvi & Mdm Avanza
1. Keep the right distance
2. Be alert!

Friday, February 12, 2010

DiGi Broadband Print Ad

This is the Print Adv.
You can find it in the local newspaper.

Found in The Star, 6 Feb 2010
Thanks Ayz for spotting my ad :)