Sunday, April 11, 2010

Braces On? Again?

I used to wear braces, when I was 13 and I removed it when i was 15.
( i couldn't find pic of me with braces)
But But, I was so lazy to wear the retainer.
Retainer is to ensure the tooth will stay in its place.
I regretted for not wearing the retainer as advised,
and after 10 years, the teeth no longer in it's place. I have 1 uneven upper teeth & 1 lower teeth.
It cost dad rm4,500 last time.
and this time, I have to invest my own money.
(such a waste for wasting dad's money & not wearing it properly)
and so, today, I decided to go for dentist consultation.
I was thinking to seek for dentist opinion on
1) Cosmetic Dentistry
Before Photo, Dr. Les Latner - Los Angeles CaliforniaAfter Photo, Dr. Les Latner - Los Angeles California Before Photo, Dr. Les Latner - Los Angeles CaliforniaAfter Photo, Dr. Les Latner - Los Angeles California
to see the magic & wonders of what cosmetic dentistry could do for you
2) Braces - my last option.
But i'll go for clear bracket braces.
since my job now is meeting people most of the time.
the clear bracket would cost more than normal bracket.
She advised I go for braces coz my teeth are stil healthy & im stil young.
Cosmetic dentistry will give fast result but it's costly, high maintenance, and might cost me even more once i become older. (fast result but not permanent).
e.g teeth will easily cracked & other implications
As for braces, it might take not more than a year (since I wore braces last time n only minor fixing). but i have to make sure i have high level of discipline (not making the same mistake) to wear my retainer. Braces is natural process so it's not as risky as cosmetic dentistry.
for the costing, upfront of Rm2,500 and balance can be paid on installment basis.
as long as i commit full payment before the whole process complete.
I'll be meeting orthodentist this Saturday.


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