Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm turning 23 :)

Gettin a new FRINGE cut for my birthday.
I never had this kind of fringe, so I decided to give a try.
Not sure if it suites me, but hey, no harm done!
I need somthg diff, i knw this haircut makes me look more chinese.

Thanks Alvin, my fav hairstylist.
Did my fringe, hair colour & scalp treatment.
Took 4 hours. Fuh!

Getting ready for birthday dinner :)

Oh ya, not forgetting,
ive prepared some token of appreciation for my guests :)

5 hours before party, I went to buy the chocs (packed in a box), order my sticker label,
and bought 15m ribbons to decorate the box.
(presentation is very important, first impression :) )

I hope the like it :) just a simple one.


Thank you everyone for coming & you guys completed my day.

Birthday dinner @ Borneo Rainforest.
Theme: Mysterious Black
( I dont know why i put mysterious, haha)
couldnt think of a theme.

Big thanks

Zaim (Official Photographer), Intan Fina, Syafiq, Laura. Shea & Bf, Adilia, Ili, Aizat & Gf, Aimi & sis, Wanie, Aina & Atiqah

Thanks Thanks!
For your time, for spending your day with me, For the lovely gifts, For the presence, For everything.

I heart you guys.