Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another scars! Can Bio Oil helps?

Another scars,
I am not to sure what caused this but Doc said maybe its from the bed bug? or allergy to something?

Mom in law bought the Bio Oil for me.
Heard good testimoni on the Bio Oil
but some of my friends are not getting any result.

Some even suggested other such as-Vit E Oil, n some others name i cant recall.

Its July and i started to apply Bio Oil.
Let's see if its really proven?
I'll shall my testimoni with you guys once there's improvement ya.

Selamat mencuba!


lAl said...

sejak2 kena grooming test ni aku sendiri pon dah mula amek kisah hal scars nih... :(

F. Hilda said...

hehhee. mari lah sama2 jd pengguna bio oil. hihi

movin said...

Have used Bio Oil from ChemistDirect for the last 4 years since experiencing serious burns during surgery - product has not only helped reduce scarring but has improved my skin condition which is important for someone who is in the wrinkly age bracket!

teresa bowen said...

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