Monday, July 18, 2011

I made my macarons!

I am big fan of macarons!

My aunty (Asu) came back from Dubai for her summer holiday.
She decided to bring me along for her macarons class with Nomie Aziz.

While waiting for class to start, we did some reading on macarons.
Yeah, Mad About Macarons!

Some of the tools to make macarons.

After piping the macarons, time to let it dry.

Yes! Bake it!

Gadget to make macarons filling, the termometer.
A friend of mine saw this pic and asked "ni nak buat bom ke nak buat macarons?"

Filling time.
Yeah! the macarons.
Sorry for the shape and the filling.

Takpe, practice makes perfect! :)

Yay, bring home.
Macarons worth Rm90!
Macarons easily available at :
  • Whisk, Empire Shopping Gallery at RM2 per piece.
  • Harrods, KLCC at Rm23 for 5 pieces
  • Also available online in some blogs

This was part of our sifoo, Kak Nomie, it's her collection.
Tower of macarons!

Thanks Asu for sponsoring me for this macarons class :)
Thanks Kak Nomie for sharing her expertise in making macarons.

You may also want to check out her blog, specialize in Kek Lapis Sarawak

Time to practice! I gotta shop for the tools, 'gadget' and the ingredients.
Will update on the output. I hope its gonna be a macarons and not cookie. hehe

If you ask me, was it hard to make macarons?
The ingredient, the steps are simple but you really have to take goooooodd care of the macarons.

Cant wait to try the recipe!

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