Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Malaysia Airlines Walk In Interview (Part 2)

Ok, now that you get some ideas for the interview,
lets move on.

Once the preliminary stage is done, you will need to be back in the Hall/Auditorium and wait for the result.

F.A.Q on Preliminary Stage
  • Does they take all 6 candidates? What are the success rate? Well, it depends on how you perform during the interview. If all 6 is good, they will select all 6 for the next round.
  • Why did the panel asked me too much question compare to other candidate? 2 things can happen. 1. They really like you and interested on you and they just wanted to know more about you. 2. They see the potential in you but you didn't speak out, they are trying to throw question one after another to help you.
  • Can I speak in Bahasa Melayu? English is a must. Cabin crew travels around the world and there are non Malaysian passenger on board who do not speak Bahasa Melayu.
  • Can I wear braces? I will remove my braces next month, can I go for the interview? They used to accept people with braces with condition they must remove the braces before they joined the training. However in most cases, successful candidate extend their braces treatment and didn't remove on time. My advise, remove your braces or wait until your braces is removed and then go for the interview :) I did that too :)
  • Points during preliminary stage- Your communication skills, English! English! They way you make others pay attention at you, the more interesting you are, you'll stand a higher chance, they way you are in overall- grooming-your attire, your hair, they way you look, makeup.
  • How long does it takes for Stage 1-Preliminary stage? Approximately 30 mins for the panel to ask all 6 candidates. Average of 5 mins per candidate. So use this 5 min at your level best! (Oh ya, Preliminary stage with Singapore Airlines took 10 candidates at one time and only 1 or 2 are selected- they do have some quota)
  • May I know why I am not selected for the next stage/ fail in the Prelim stage? All results are confidential. If i may suggest, read / google entry/ posting on the cabin crew interview and you might be able to get more info/details within a few clicks!
  • Sometimes, they may ask you "DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION?" Please do ask question with value/ show that you are beauty with brains.

Do not ask this

  • Who is the CEO of Malaysia Airlines?
  • How many aircraft MAS have in total?
  • Where does Malaysia Airlines fly to?
You should have do some research on the company before you go for the interview. At minimum, you should know the history and latest news on the company. Simple, just go to their official website. In this case, www.malaysiaairlines.com.

When you ask, avoid question that showing you are lack of knowledge on the company. Maybe you can ask a higher level question, (I'm just suggesting, you can always ask any question you have in mind, no question is bad question. Every question is a good question.

My suggestion, If it's me,
  • Do you think I'm potential for the job?
  • Do you think I am the right candidate for the job?
  • If I were selected for this job, when I can start training? How long it takes? What will be covered in the syllabus?
My logic- I'm serious about this job. I want to fly and I want to know what they think of me. I want to know more of the training & I cant wait to be part of Malaysia Airlines.

Ok, 2nd stage, INTERACTIVE SESSION. Some cases, the GROOMING STAGE can be before the interactive session. (Depends on the Recruitment team)

Points to score: Teamwork, Communication Skills

In a group of 4, they will give a topic (it can be any topic), and you are given 10-15 mins to discuss on the topic. There is no right or wrong. It's how you interact and be part of a team.

Topics may differ, again, depends on the panel/facilitator. Just to give you some ideas;
  • Technology. Does it bring people closer or the other way? Discuss with your team members
  • The advantages & disadvantages of ...... (can be any topic)

How to score points?

  • To start, you can offer yourself to initiate/ get your team member to participate. E.g Amy, Nelly, Chin and David, would you like to start first? (Do remember their names or at least have some introduction or get to know them while you are waiting for your turn before you enter the room). Tips: If you know your team mates, you might be able to know and address your passenger better. Wouldn't you be happier if someone you just knew, remember your name and address you properly? Or you can say " May I start first?"... after doing the introduction, you can say "What do you think Amy?" , "David, would you like to share with us your opinion? Tips: You are a good team player because you allow others to be in the discussion, making them noticeable, blend/interact well with others. Isn't just a bonus point for you?
  • To end, you and your team need to have some conclusion/agreement on the topic. You can say " So what do you think? Should we agree that.... ? " and thank all your team mates and also the panel. Tips: Good negotiation/communication skills. Able to make people together in a team. It's very important as when you fly, your set crew is different and you will need to adjust yourself with new friends and get to know with people that you just got to know few hours back.
F.A.Q on Interactive Session
  • I give better idea than the rest, why am I not selected? There's no good or bad idea.
  • Most of the time, I am the one who gave idea and talk while the rest is not participating, why am I not selected? It's a interactive session, team work is needed. If you are the one who do the talking, you are not good enough as you didnt allow the rest to join or get interested to join you.
  • My English/communication skills better than others, why they are selected and not me? They need candidates with good English and just not that- teamwork counts!

Grooming check in Grooming room. What do I do here?
  • Walk. Not necessary to catwalk, its all about deportment and how you carry yourself
  • Weight check.
  • Skin check - Face, Hands, Legs (area where scars is not visible when using uniform)
  • Makeup. You dont have to be a makeup pro, at min, pls apply basic makeup and cover your visible scars. Some candidate is not as pretty as others but she/he got selected because they think this candidate can be taught more on Grooming and will look more presentable & better after undergo the Grooming class. And of course, other criteria like Communication skills does carry weight.
  • Overall grooming- Face, neck, teeth, eyes, hands, legs.

and finally, the FINAL ROUND!
  • 4 to 5 candidate and 3 panel interviewer
  • Deeper question compared to the Preliminary stage
  • 10-20 mins per session, depends on the panel
Sample of Question
  • What is your strength & weakness?
  • Who is your idol and why?
  • More of your past working experience such as How do you handle difficult situation?
  • Ok, Amy, now that you've listened what David says, tell us interesting facts about David. (Be alert and listen when other candidates is talking. They might ask you to repeat what they says- Tips: Listening skills and pay attention to others)
  • Tell us what do you know about the Company?
and the list goes on, it can be just anything! You can google for sample of question for interview. There's a lot!

Ok, with that, I hope this would help you to be prepared for the interview.
All the best!

Feel free to drop me any question/comment at the chat box on your right.
I will try my best to answer and help you.

Note: This is based on my experience as panel interviewer and also as candidates. Since many asked me the tips, so i think it would be good if i share it with all of you.

:) Thank you.


Pojiepooh Abdullah said...

Just asking, if selected all the stages will be finish in 1 day or will be held another day?

They call me Ary~ said...

Hi there,
What is the best answer to interview questions like the ones you posted? I'm always afraid I jam myself :p

F. Hilda said...

hi pojie,
it depends on the number of candidates and on the panel itself.
most of the time all stages in 1 day and final stage on different day.

hi they call me ary,
may i knw which question? maybe you can share your thoughts with us.

They call me Ary~ said...

Hi dear,

I always stuck at 'tell me when u have encountered a difficult customer and what did u do'?

I'm always scared i give an answer that is negative.

Any opinion?

F. Hilda said...

they call me ary,

in my opinion, if i may, relate it with real situation u have handle or face before. they can tell if you are creating a story. always support your answer with positive feedback that makes customer happy.

e.g Situation: A waiter spill a drink on customer's table.
Suggestion for answer: Waiter to apologize and maybe replace with a new drink?

if customer stil not happy, maybe waiter can offer discount or offer any free meal?

(just giving example).

do show you are customer driven and wants to make customer happy.

Rakesh said...

Thank you for the good writeup. It in fact was a amusement account it. Look advanced to far added agreeable from you! However, how could we communicate?
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Fizliyana Hilda said...

Hi Rakesh,

Thank you. I'll definitely update. been busy with work since Air asia + MAS get married ;p

you can contact me here :)

yee said...

where can i get the application form?

Amy said...

nice.in my opinion,it really helps.I'm now studying in Form Six and I don't know what field I should be doing.I suddenly thought to be a steward and I continue find information to help me.I hope to self-contained information,I will succeed in the interview.Thank you.

F. Hilda said...

Yee: You can always check http://malaysiaairlines.com/my/en/careers/join-us.html

at the moment there's no application form online. do wait till the announce vacancy :)

Amy: All the best to you!

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to be a Flight Attendant but the main problem is I do not have a perfect set of teeth but not really crooked though which could give me disadvantage. *sobs*

Ann Spears said...

Hi dear,may i ask you something?Let said that I have pass all the interview session,do hr management review the application by look for the candidates work history @ something likes doing little investigation candidate's background or summon record?Looking forward for your reply..Thanks dear

leeza said...

hi, im interested to join last interview on 26jan13 in penang, but i have problem with weight even my BMI is ok cause i'm 174cm..plus my english is a bit weak.. ;) maybe after i have enough brave and less weigt..i'll join..anyway your blog is nice :)

Kelly Lim said...

Hi there!
I need help! I would like to walk in for Air Asia interview.
But I got PASS for my BM. Are they really concern about it? So I can't apply for the job. Need advise and appreciated it

Vill Ngiam said...

Hi there, I would like to ask if I have a tattoo on my shoulder slightly down part, its small as a coin and another tattoo on my back, can I still pass the grooming part? Will they offer us to take off my clothes for the skin check up ?

I AM MIKHA MYA said...

Hi hilda..i went it twice already but still i fail at the same stage.interactive stage.any extra tips on that stage??when u become panel interviewer, what are guys looking for at that stage..because when i answer or discuss the topic the interviewers keep saying 'thats right,good,etc' its give me hope.so sad.sobs :(

I AM MIKHA MYA said...

Hi hilda..i went it twice already but still i fail at the same stage.interactive stage.any extra tips on that stage??when u become panel interviewer, what are guys looking for at that stage..because when i answer or discuss the topic the interviewers keep saying 'thats right,good,etc' its give me hope.so sad.sobs :(

Hiroh Adam said...

i have a few acne scars so do u think they will accept me as their flight attendant?

Asia Husen said...

HI Dear I found your blog right now 2014, before this I've been my 1st interview last year but I fail on 2nd stage. Maybe because I'm not prepare. But after read your blog it make me feel something to join interview again.

I have permanent scar between my eyebrows, do you think I can be accept with that scar?

F. Hilda said...

Hi Plum Hana,

It depends on your smile actually, every person is unique in its own way. Nevertheless, you can always opt to wear a braces :) it does not promise you to get the job as it also depends on other factor, but atleast it helps to boost your confidence :)

yanystrawberry said...

hello, may i ask, do they really concern about the scars? because i do have a birthmark on my left shoulder. and it is quite big. huhuhu. but it is not visible when i'm wearing a long sleeve or 3 quarter sleeve. i look forward for your answer! :-*

Linna Myngam said...

Im going to walk in interview this coming Saturday in Kuching. Im getting nervous actually. Any tips for me? Huhu

flyme faizal said...
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Kix Mr said...

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Rabia ismail said...

I would like to ask a question, Does girl with hijab can walk in the interview as well?

resa julianti said...
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