Saturday, July 9, 2011

My dream is to become a Stewardess.

I'm sure some of you have seen this pic,
it was me when i was 10.
Yes, my dream is to become a stewardess
I'm one step closer to my dream when I was offered a job opportunity with Malaysia Airlines as Marketing Executive. I joined the company on 3 Aug 2009.

And so i forgot my dream job. Having the thought that i can still contribute to Malaysia Airlines even i'm not flying as crew.

I've been wanting to fly as crew and I guess i can forget my dream.
There was few cabin crew intake, I wanted to join so badly.

And to my surprise, I was invited to become a panel interviewer.

So i took this chance to brush my interviewing skills. It was a good experience and exposure.
I was on the panel for few intakes.

and finally i have the guts, I really feel i need to make my dream come true.
(before this happens, i decided to wear my braces for 2nd time)

It was just a minimal treatment as not much to do.
I wanted to do a cosmetic dentistry but dentist recommended me to go for natural way (save money on maintenance as cosmetic dentistry is big of investment and not easy to maintain)

This was before and after treatment. I took me 9 months.
The treatment duration was short- i guess because this my 2nd time wearing and teeth is behaving well. Thank you.

Dentist was impressed with the progress.

This was how my braces look like.
Upper teeth- I used clear bracket
Lower teeth- normal bracket
and finally, i decided to pursue with my dream and forgo my current job as marketing person.
I no longer as panel interviewer and this time as interviewee.

Alhamdullilah, I was offered to become a crew.
Dream came true :) Thank you Malaysia Airlines!

It was a long journey.

I so cant wait my report duty day on 9th May.
I was so overjoyed!

But somehow.
I might be happy but others may not be happy of my decision to fly.

and so i decided to stay as Marketing person.
I let go of my dream.
Deep in my heart i know it hurts to let go what ive been chasing for all this while.

It was a very tough time.
I think God has decide the best for me.
At least i know my dream comes true.

so, that was all the story about me & my dream.

By the way, lets talk about this.
Your dream! (yes, if you dream to become a cabin crew and serve Malaysia Airlines).

Check this out;

Yes, its coming!

Do stay for more updates on tips for the interview
(from my experience- I'd like to share with you guys)

Stay tune!


F.DZNY said...

hi . i would like to ask you about the date of interview ??? usually is in what month ??

Lin Elier said...

When I was younger, I wanted to be a stewardess too.... then as I grow up, i changed my mind. I love the persona of stewardess potrays. Anyway, I applaud you for chasing your dreams, getting 1 foot in & finally given the passport to fly. I really do wish you'd taken up the offer & realize moments of joy.

Mazreena Maysarah said...

I'm 16👧😙 my ambition is I want to be a stewardess 😏😍 😊 . I have dream this since I was 10😂.However,my families doesn't want me to be a flight attendant 😠😢(which makes me pissed off) .Even my uncle said "i'ts a bullshit"😤😳

F. Hilda said...

F. DZNY please check malaysia airlines official website for dates

Lin Elier, I didnt take up the offer but I belive God has arranged better plans for me

Mazreena, go for it if it's your ambition :) but also remember, blessing from family members are also important :)

Michelle Law said...

Thank you for sharing your story ...Can I go to the Interview as I wear braces in my teeth ?