Saturday, October 22, 2011

TGV Cinemas lie customer! The misleading terms!

Remember I got this Complimentary Pass?

I'd like to express my frustration for the misleading of "Complimentary Pass" today, 22 Oct in TGV Wangsa Walk. I was told that for blockbuster movie, i'm able to watch it/use it after 2 weeks. On last Oct 15, I managed to use my Pass for Real Steel in KLCC.

I'ts stated in the pass "VALID FOR ANY MOVIE SHOWING AT TGV CINEMAS, UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED". Where is this 2 weeks terms that was told by Wangsa Walk?

We told TGV wangsa walk we got to watch Real Steel in KLCC, their replied was "staff in KLCC was wrong". Is that my problem?

You cant take back what you have offered to customer.
I think you must READ AGAIN/RELOOK the terms in the Complimentary Pass. Even staff in Wangsa Walk is just confused with restricted & blue pass.

I was very unhappy. I came all the way to watch movie in TGV. and this is how TGV treat the customer? Don't bother of giving complimentary pass! I wasted my time & money. If I knew all this is just a "gimmick", I wouldn't be part of your evaluation for your 3D specs!

If TGV is not doing anything on this, just wait for the voice record that was taken in youtube and other media soon.

It's on TGV Cinemas Facebook.

Will upload the voice record soon.

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