Saturday, November 5, 2011

The answer is NO if you never ask

Remember i lodge a complaint to TGV on the misleading Green pass?

After negotiation, i demanded for 20 Complimentary pass to compensate my hard time of TGV confusing terms.

Another parcel came, after my photobook delivery.

It's from TGV.
Good that they delivered it to my doorstep instead of asking me to collect it at Menara Maxis.
I just cant afford to waste more time & money to collect it.

I demanded for 20 Complimentary Pass. (always demand for more as you know you will most likely get anything closer to what you asked for)

They offered me 14 Complimentary Pass +
5 Concession voucher (free 1 popcorn & softdrink)

The Amber Pass is new pass to replace the old confusing pass.
With a detail & specified terms & condition.


1. Don't mess with me, I will screw your Customer Service people
2. If you never ask, the answer will always be NO
3. Customer always right

Thanks TGV!

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