Monday, January 30, 2012

Pregnant Lady VS Drug?

Received an email with 4 hours notice else, will be considered as drug +

I was Randomly picked.
(not sure randomly picked by human from an excel list or system generated-do they have the system?- I wonder)

I'm 8 months pregnant now,
i do not drive to office.

as it is on official request, i requested them to arrange for transport.
They asked me "TO FIND MY WAY" , finally i arranged my own transport.

I was then referred to Dr. if there's exemption for this.

Here's the reply
I sympathize with your problem, unfortunately I’m not in the position to exempt you from presenting yourself @ XXX for the test as soon as possible (Within 4 H of being notified).
XXXX guidelines do not include pregnancy and transport issue as an exemption. I appreciate your attempt to attend and hope you find your way to XXX safely.

Ok, I managed to go there and did my test.
Obviously, it was -
How do they run the test?

1. To the ladies, nurse will hold the door and it shouldn't be locked.
2. Do not flush till they see what's in the toilet bowl (once you are done) and flush if they ask you to do so
3. Water tap was disabled. You may clean with tissue. If you need water to wash, you may proceed to toilet next door.
Ok, i do not have issue with the urine test. I can accept the process.

Had conversation with staff nurse in charge.
I: Result banyak - or +?
Nurse: Depends. Ada jugak positive.
I: Positive because mmg amik drug or they are on medication?
Nurse: Kalau patient on medication, kita mmg tak panggil. Confirm result will be positive and buang masa je buat.

Wait*** How do they filter those patient on medication? i thought it is randomly picked?
( it just unfair for all the trouble a 8 months pregnant lady had to go- a mother will not purposely take drugs during their pregnancy!)
I: Nurse taknak buat Pregnancy Test skali ke kat saya? Confirm +
Nurse * sengih *
It took 30 mins.
My reply to Dr. XX,

Dear Dr. XXX
Thank you for your concern. I managed to find my way and arrived safely at XXX.
Just a highlight, I was told by the staff nurse (correct me if I interpret it wrongly) that patient on medication will be excluded from the Drug Screening as most likely result test will be positive and it will be a waste to conduct test on them. On another remark, no lady/ mother would take drug purposely during their pregnancy.
If there’s a “filter” for those patient on medication, it should be fair to all (I understand it is randomly picked-by human/system-if there is).
I hope in future, XXX would reconsider this especially on special case. Eg. pregnant lady.
Thank you.
It is not so good experience for 8 months pregnant lady to go through all this.
I am even more tired, restless and starting to get all the back pain.

and all I see... "You don't care"

Upset 8 months mummy.

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