Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Retainer for your teeth?

Hawley Retainer (upper) or Clear retainer (lower)??

It's been 7 months im wearin my clear retainer for my upper teeth.
It is recommended if you are concern of the visible line of metal using Hawley retainer.

My case, as I have used Hawley before & i am now dealing face to face with customer which I am very concern of my appearance.

It look like this, and come with the casing

As for my lower teeth, Doc gave me a fixed retainer.

I don't have problem with the fixed retainer on lower teeth, it is easy to maintain, just that, you have to ensure its clean and go for scaling every 6 months :)

The upper retainer is getting wear & tear (already 7 mths), the color is yellowish, some of the surface with small holes. I asked my dentist and she said, that is the cons of this type of retainer. After some time, you need to do another retainer (it cost RM250) and she advised me to continue with Hawley retainer (which I have used 12 years ago).

When I first using my retainer during my 1st time wearin braces,
it looks like this but I dislike wearin it as it is not comfortable and it trap/kept your saliva

When you wear it, it looks like this (Hawley retainer)


I first used braces when i was 12, and i didnt maintain using my retainer.
At 24, some of my teeth is back to it's original position. (yes, it moves!)
and I had to go for another braces! (this time it cost me RM6,300- upper teeth clear braces, lower teeth visible metal). If you opt of visible metal braces, it cost only RM4,800 with retainer.

I did mine at Klinik Pergigian Taipan, Subang USJ.
(same row with Maybank, end of the road, near to McD Taipan)

How often should I wear my retainer?

At first, your retainers may feel awkward in your mouth and you may find it difficult to speak. Practice reading out loud and you will adjust in a couple of days. To maintain your teeth in their new positions, you must wear your retainers exactly as we recommend. For clear (invisible) and Hawley retainers, this is usually 24 hours a day for the first six months (except while eating, brushing, or playing a sport that requires a mouth guard). This gives ample time for the bone to heal and the teeth to settle into their new positions.

After 6 months, retainers are worn during sleeping hours for as long as your want your teeth to stay straight. This night time retainer wear will counteract all of the forces that act on your teeth throughout the day (e.g., swallowing, chewing, etc.).

How do I keep my retainers clean?

Before you brush your teeth, remove your retainers and rinse them with cold water. Never use hot water on your retainers, as they will distort (and please do not leave your retainers in the sun, in a warm car, or on a heater - these will also have the same effect). If plaque begins to build up in your retainers, brush them gently with a toothbrush (for invisible retainers, avoid toothpaste; it tends to scratch your retainers, making them cloudy).

Clear (invisible) retainers can be soaked in a denture cleaner (e.g. Efferdent® or Polident®) or Retainer Brite® at least once a week. Remember to soak them in cool rather than warm or hot water (contrary to what some denture cleaner manufacturers recommend). Some patients have been found to be allergic to commercial denture cleaners, so please be aware of any symptoms that may indicate an adverse reaction to these products.

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Simps said...

you can get rm5 for 1box(12 tablets) false teeth cleanser in Daiso Japan. it is enzymatic and rinse retainers really clean. my retainers are not yellowish and i feel comfortable putting them on after rinsing with the cleanser. tastes fresh and mint too. :)

F. Hilda said...

Hi Simps. tHanks for sharing. I definitely going to daiso soon. currently using baby liquid wash (those i used to clean my baby's bottle) n so far, it helps too!

Winner said...

Invisible braces are great , actually i'm planning to do on my teeth too . I've done some research in online and this blog shows some helpful tips for me too ,

Maria Jose Tobar said...

I'm a huge fan of the retainers in Naples FL that are built into your teeth. They seem to be the easiest option.

The Anon said...


im so sorry but yessss i lost my retainers!!!!!
i had braces for 2 years or so and i took them off last year.
The dentist gave me a hawley retainer like yours for the upper part of my teeth.
I've lost it so many times, like in the restaurant, clinic, school etc BUT somehow i still manage to get them back. This has happened for maybe a year(?) but not this time. I LOST IT. i had no idea where i placed them. i asked arnd in sch but no one saw it, not even the maid.
I am so scared right now and i have no damn idea what should i do because i could never tell my parents... they've spent so much on a useless child like me.
im currently 16 and i can't really find a job atm because i have to prepare for my o levels alr..
so, pls reply me... how much does a hawley retainer cost? it doesn't cost more than rm500 right? i feel really terrible.. pls reply me )))))))))):

Ashwaq Hilal said...

nice post! ill try this treatment in Marina Medical Centre next week. me and my sister will visit Dubai :)

Max Parramore said...

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Rachel Scarf said...

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