Friday, March 23, 2012

My Child Birth Experience

It was exactly 38 weeks & 2 days- 10th Mar 2012

approximately 5.45pm- Water bag broke with some "show"
Me & hubby rushed to HUKMSC emergency.

6.30pm- Dilate 2cm. Was admitted.

I had no pain, no contraction. It was just water bag broke.

10pm- Dilate 3cm

12midnite- I can feel the contraction. Every 30mins.

1am, 11 Mar- Contraction getting closer, every 25 mins.

2am- Contraction every 20 mins, still bearable.

3am- Contraction every 15 mins, some how bearable & painful.

4am- Contraction getting stronger, every 10 mins.

5am- Dilate 4cm, was sent to Labour Room.
(Doc suggested to induce)

8am- On epidural, dilated 6cm

Doc gave *forget the name* to make contraction stronger and to fasten the dilation.

Fetal distress & baby heart beat increased everytime they increased the dose.

I was also having fever while in the labour.

12noon- Poor progress. Still 6 cm.

As water bag broke almost 24 hours, we opt for Cesarian to avoid baby lemas.

Was prepared for OT, increased my epidural dose.

2.42pm, 11 Mar- DHIA DAHLIA was safely arrived by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abdul Jamil.
HUKMSC, Cheras.

Thank God it all went well. Alhamdullillah.

Hubby was there with me in OT to witness the whole C-Sect.

Thank you Sayang for being by my side.
Thank you all for your prayers. Especially family members and close friends.

I was on 24 hours epidural morphine.
Effect: dizzyness & vomitting.

12 Mar, 3am- Back to normal. I can feel the C-sect pain.

It was a miracle moment, *it's never easy to be a mother*
HUKMSC service was good one, it was a good experience.


Simps said...

this is an awesome post and "not so scary" child birth experience share. congratulations to you and your husband :)

F. Hilda said...

Thank you dear Simps.

I read few "scary" birth experience.
Just be positive and everything will be okay :)