Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Condoms? IUD? Impanon?

After you give birth to your baby, you must be thinking of birth control and family planning.
I am sure you want to give yourself a rest from waking up every 2-3 hours to feed your baby, change nappy and put baby into sleep.

Motherhood can be tiring but let's take it as an enjoyful moment. We gonna miss this moment when our babies grow up.

Baby expenses can be pretty expensive- diapers, formula milks and etc. Thus, we need a family planning to keep situation stable.

It came across to my mind of birth control-IUD, Implanon, Condoms and etc. I have checked with my doc (HUKM Specialist), IUD will cost me around RM200+ but that doesn't include consultation and other fees. If Implanon, it will cost around RM400+. Prices varies depending on the hospital but it's always cheaper at government hospital.

My mom told me that 11 years ago, she had her IUD free of charge at LPPKN. (FOC as it was promotional and still new at that time).

Yes, Google help us a lot!

LPPKN?  Lembaga Penduduk & Pembangunan Keluarga Negara.
It's a better option than private hospital. I heard government hospital also refers their patient to LPPKN for birth control. You can have your consultation and get your birth control at: 

Klinik Nur Sejahtera LPPKN adalah sebuah klinik yang berkonsepkan kesejahteraan iaitu mencegah dan mengesan sesuatu penyakit sebelum ia terjadi.
Klinik ini merupakan satu inisiatif pihak LPPKN untuk meluaskan skop perkhidmatan yang sedia ada demi membantu wanita dan lelaki ke arah kehidupan yang lebih sehat dan sejahtera.
Perkhidmatan kesihatan reproduktif yang disediakan meliputi :

  • Pakej saringan kesihatan reproduktif
  • Perkhidmatan perancang keluarga
  • Perkhidmatan perancang keluarga
  • Saringan kanser reproduktif
  • Pengurusan menopaus
  • Ujian makmal yang komprehensif

Told you it's cheaper. Why waste money to get the same thing? IUD just cost RM80 & Implanon is RM320.58 clinic in Malaysia! I called up my nearest branch. 
When to do/to go? Immediately on your first day of period, give them a call. Normally consultation and doc will be available every Thursday weekly.You will need to consult the doc first before deciding to use IUD/Implanon. They will brief you the pros n cons of each method.

IUD is most common method use by many mothers as it doesn't contain hormones and it is easy to fix and remove it. Implanon sometimes with hormones can give side effect of water retention. (you might be gaining weight). This will  required a minor operation as it will be fixed at your arm.

you can google to read more on the pros n cons.

my experience- I called Klinik Nur and the answer each of my question politely.
I'm gonna visit them soon for consultation. Oh ya, registration is just RM5 (if I'm not mistaken).
Will update you more info. I hope this helps!


Efira Nazri said...

Fiz, when i undergo my ceaser, doc discover something nside my tummy. He didnt tell me straight away what it is, he asked to come for a consultation after habis pantang. Later did i know i had endometriosis. He said im lucky cuz normally those yg ade endometriosis chances nak dapat baby sgt low. So he advise no family planning for us. He said no condoms or watsoever. But frankly dear, till now hubs and i used a protection. Doc tu marah sgt bile dpt tau my hubs used condom (last month check up cuz i had major pain in the rummy). o_O
So yes, we only used condom for protection.

Efira Nazri said...

I nak gap dulu for say 3 years? ;) then only we try for another one. How about u fiz?

F. Hilda said...

Endometriosis resulting slim chances of getting baby? was it not detected masa first they discovered your pregnant? kuasa Allah, rezeki sume Allah tentukan. You are lucky :)

Me too, 3-4 years if possible. nak pay full attention to Dhia :)

Jenny Summer said...

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